Wednesday, June 16, 2010

just LOVE it

*edited by : niputu nathalia emily*
*tama and nalda were people behind the camera*
baris paling depan, left-right : miss mita, ataya :3, em and me
3 people behind, left-right : via, a bagas, dimas.

Don't know what to say. just can't pop it out.
Had no words. had no poems. had no song.
Our friendship can't be described by it.

Nightingale.. nightingale
It's been almost a year since i moved into this class.
we had so much fun together, so much silent together
and laugh together.
it's beautiful moments that i won't forget

but time still go on
we're must survive
because friend in class just come and go
with the rhythm of time

oh God, I just love this class
and will never let this memory forgettable

Student of Nightingale that i ever met
Tamara, Katherine, Vina, Gisella, Teh Regina, Hizkia, Ridwan, Aldi, Teh Vismaya, Ka Erni, Ka Azka, Via, Nalda,
Em, Ka Chika, Naufal, A Bagas, Angel, Tama, Dimas, Dharma.

Teacher of Nightingale
Mrs Nini, Pauline, Mr Rob, Mr Gama, Mr Doug (or Dog? haha), Shannon, Miss Imelda, Miss Raisha, Miss Mitha, Mrs-uh-i-forgot-her-name, and many more.

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