Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Well, I'm getting crazy today. Finally I made 10 postings row in a day! wooo hoooo. perjuangan 6 jam nih! bener bener gila! capek banget wakakak. rekor terbanyak dipecahkan hari ini. I'm sorry readers, if I made you confused with all this things. haha, yep, because blog is my second life, my escapism.

I just wanna inform you all that I will leaving to my hometown, Jogja (uuu i was born there!) but actually it's not really my hometown, because my big family from my mom mostly lived in Central Java, Jogja is only a place where my grandma and my grandpa lives for the rest of their life, they live there since my grandpa retired, it must to be a very long time, even I wasn't born at that time. but Jogja means so much to me. I was born there, I spent lots of my childhood there, my 1st birthday party (when i was 1 year old) was celebrated there, Jogja is my 1st holiday destination, and many more.

my 1st year anniversary. happy birthday adikku tercinta *serasa punya adek*

i look weird. mom's sooo beautiful *envy

lebaran day (i forgot when) aku yang mana? guess it ;)

But, don't worry, I'll be back next Monday. I promise, I'll make a new posting as fast as i can.

*bonus photos* bukan pornografi loooh aaaaaaaaaa!

will miss you,

bhewew bezta :*

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