Friday, October 22, 2010

TBI Thing

our old teacher, Miss Raisa and Miss Mita

Since last week, Miss Raisa is teach another class in TBI, she's not teached nightingale anymore (I bet she's scared to see us, especially TAMA and DIMAS haha) But the good thing is... I got new teacher, Amber. She lives at Finland before she went to Indonesia, but actually she's australian & she got a nice nail polish :) nice to meet you, Amber! actually she's our 14th teacher who teach me at nightingle (I join the nightingale since January 2008) Miss Raisa is the 13th and Miss Mita is the 12th.


Then, as usual, Nightingale's student is very creative (kelewat kreatif malah) Tama started to did his routinity to new teacher (sometimes) that is...

Yup, put the trash upside the door -_-

But Amber is the way smarter than Tama. She realized the trash directly when she almost open the door. High Five, Miss!

The 1st victim, Via LOL

second victim, Dharma... (What you doin' there, A bagas? you blocking my eyesight!)

The trash (Fortunately It's just a paper)

to be honest, I have ever be Tama's Victim for 5 times (But not this time) Pathetic T_T

The 3 stooges (A Bagas, Tama, Dimas)

About this 3 stooges, they are very nice but sometimes they could be very annoying too :p (sorry)
A Bagas : food-junkie, the oldest grade at class, narcissistic (he always think that he's more handsome than LOGAN LERMAN and JUSTIN BIEBER. oh god, you should look at the mirror first!)
Tama : anti-camera, rarely join at photo-ing activity, and feels like he's soo beautiful (?) omg..
Dimas : one word for him, SOK KECAKEPAN!!!!! >_<
Eaaaa si narsis malu malu kucing difoto. Meleng kanan...

Meleng kiriiiiiiiiiii!

Classroom :)

No matter what, I still love them all <3


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