Monday, October 25, 2010


Udah ah menye menyenya. Let's not be a mellow person again \(-_-)/


sekarang, mari kita lihat wajah wajah segar berikut ini unyuuuuu #mintadigampar

First of ALL. of course it's LIAM AIKEN!!! XD

he used to looked like this :)

i caaaaaan't stand your smile!
I first noticed him when he starred at Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events the movie as Klaus Baudelaire. But you know, I watched that films at cinema when I was at third grades, so first I got no feelings for him. But times goes on, and he growed up, and I growed up, and I ended up with knowing the fact that I already fall for him ^O^ (btw, he's the only son of MTV Producer, Bill Aiken) Oya, and he's almost get the cast of Harry Potter, but unfortunately, JK Rowling wants british as the people who will starred Harry Potter.

Jesse Mccartney, such a hottie right? I still loves his song, and of course I love him too.

Freddie Highmore. Sayangnya dia udah pernah kissing dan fotonya udah tersebar luas di internet. Jadi dia bukan kandidat kuat lagi #ewa

Aaron Carter! Used to be "Justin Bieber" in 90's . He's been in Entertainment world since he's still a toddler. He started his career with singing. O yeah, her brother, Nick Carter, are used to be the personel of boyband called Backstreet Boy. I love his song so much, just like I'm All About You and One Better.

Jeremy Sumpter, the boy who played the cast of "Peterpan" at Peterpan the Movie :B

KHALIL FONG!! Young talented mandarin singer. He raised up at US, and he's specialized at Jazz . love youuu khalil :D

Who doesn't know them? Yes, they're Cole and Dylan Sprouse. My favourite one is Cole :)

Charlie Mcdonnell. His videos on youtube are very humorous and amusing. He made my day with the way he speaks on his video. good job, charlie.

DACUT! hahaha

Guess who's he. Yup. He's Logan Lerman :p

Okay, this is the last. I HATE to say that he's handsome, but my eyes can't lie.

Okay, he's hot enough. So? what's the point of this?

But, when it comes like this, my impression for him slowly gone -___- you're very strange, Mister Biebs.

The fact is ; There's plenty of fish in the sea. Masih banyak cowok ganteng di luar sana. NGAPAIN MIKIRIN BBM??

Okay, I made this posting because I was in the hell of boredom (but I still have many papers wait to be finished hehehe) By the way, I've did my math test today, and I think it easier than the first one. Wish me luck for the good score, peeps. By the way, what time is it? OMG!! It's already almost 11.30!! I need to go sleep, except I want the Fairy Godmother took my shoes then I lost my prince #apadeh.

ByeByeByeBye #stressedout

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