Sunday, November 07, 2010

Yesterday was Saturday

eah, yesterday was saturday, and Ibu, Bapak and me planning to had lunch at Botani. So, I went to Botani by myself after I had Pagelaran Practice at school. While waiting for my parents (we separated, my parents went from home) I went to gramedia and found a book titled 'After Orchard'

At first, I get curious when saw the cover. Then I read the synopsis. And, I found out that the author of this book is also the author off book "Cruise on You". yay! I've read that book, and it's an interesting story. I was getting impatience to read this book! So, I search for sample of this books, then started to read this book. I couldn't really concentrated when read this book, because seats at Gramedia was full, and I read it with standing. Sempet ditegur petugasnya, "Jangan duduk dibawah ya, dek." Pengen banget rasanya cemberut terus bilang, "Atuh banyakin kursinya! gimana sih?" tapi yaudahlah, dengan damainya saya nyari tempat lain buat baca. Berpindah pindah. Begitu selanjutnya sampai orang tua saya datang. Ringkasan buku ini menyusul yaa...

Then, we ate at the foodcourt. I ordered Sirloin Steak at Daily Time while Ibu ordered "iga bakar". Bapak also ordered Sirloin Steak, but he ordered it at Hotplate, not Daily Time.

Then Ibu and I was buying some groceries at Giant. Bapak runaways to Gramedia. CHEATING!!! I found people wearing Ultra Milk Costumes. Wait, is it still halloween?

But, suddenly, I got bored. I walked instead nowhere, and suddenly I found a changing room! woo hooo! so I got in there with a suspicious looks and took photos there.

narcist yea? whatever. And when I went back to fruit place (Ibu used to be there) I found a LOT of adorable kids in front of my sight. Without waiting too long, I took my phone off then silently took photos of them.


wait. I'm not a pedophile -_- btw, we were going home at 6 PM. Then at home, Bapak and Ibu were in the mood to have fun together, with guitar, of course. Nostalgia masa pacaran yang indah emm -___-"

bukan deng, Bapak malah dikira pengamen. Hahahahahaha XD

lots of love,


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