Monday, January 10, 2011

Pagelaran in Memories

The Last Practice
Sunday, December 19th 2010

kontroversial, harus diblur (ada yang nggak mau ikut pagel kalo ini di-upload wkwk)

photo-session for scene 2

Indeed, this practice isn't like the other practice. THIS is our last chance to perform before Pagelaran starts, though our Class Performance is at the second day. And of course, there are some unforgettable moments, just like this ;

ADS needs Mpap to make the first move

Yet he still shy -__-

After 15 minutes waiting, finally he pops out the word. He confessed! And see, there's a new couple ;)

Pagelaran Day 1
Monday, December 20th 2010

Unfortunately, we were still having task to do. The decoration was not finished. So, we're going back to school, then went to Rega's house. (Arrgh I haven't watched 9C perfomance. I need to buy the CD of pagelaran then!)

We saw Mrs Selly and her cute boy at school :3 (but he's the way too shy hehe)

let's finish the decorations!

How I miss Pagelaran..
How I miss the text, "Latihan ansamble! drama! Jangan ngaret!" though I always late -.-
How I miss that moment.

p.s : we're profiled at Radar Bogor Newspaper. Try to look after it! #lazysangat

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