Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ga Jadi Pindah!

That awkward moment when you feel like a stranger in your own blog....

 HAHAHAHA Assalamu'alaikum sistah and brotaahhh (trying so hard to sound like a British). It has been a very loooooooooong time since my last post here, isn't it? :D

Well, time change. Some part of me have changed too, Insya Allah for the better. Don't worry, I'm still the old me. The one who can't be quiet for a long time a.k.a pecicilan, the one who likes to be random, etc etc. (but at least I could say 'etc' as et cetera. Wuesss keren kan? #plak)

And.. I promised not to get back to this blog, huh?  Well, some promises are made to be broken hehehe *WHAT* So, I'm back. Right here, right now.

Yeah, actually, I've tried another website to write posts. Even I tried once in tumblr. It was fun actually, but in tumblr, I couldn't keep focusing on writing my own posts, since the dashboard got so many terrific things to be reblogged. You know the ending. Mission-almost-succeeded (I try my best not to mention the word 'fail' lol)

Whatever. So, readers, thank you for keep following me, and sorry for this-passive-writer-of-all-time *pointing myself*

Here's a pic from me, as a compliment :D

I looked so strong right? :p Diapit dua cowok *eaaa* 

Oh, btw, my header is new :) Do you like it?

Dan, pamit ya, mau ke dentist dulu. Something's wrong with my teeth. Pray for me, ok? hehe :D  Karena gigi ditambal itu sakit. #youdon'tsay


Bewizta :)

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