Saturday, December 07, 2013

Bahasa Indonesia!

Time change; people change; feelings don't.

#penggalauan #bercandaaaaa #hehehe

So, hi, everyone! Here I am again, blogging at 1 AM just for you ( ha ha now you can tell how sweet I am *being thrown by shoes*)

yeah, I'm so sorry that I've been off for too long from this blog. I felt guilty, like something's wrong when I left this blog. Some part of me might say that the reason of my stay-away-act from blogging is because I got no time to do that. But, I always believe one thing : true writers always find time to write; no matter how busy they are.

I got a bunch of things to tell you guys; and I want to post the article in English soooo bad so everyone from all places all over the world can read it. But unfortunately, for right now, I'll use Bahasa Indonesia (my native language, kind of similar with Malay) so that I can blog more often. For you who can't understand it, I got another blog which is being written in English by me. Just go to :)

Terima Kasih. Saya cinta Indonesia!
Bew :)

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