Friday, July 20, 2012

Indonesian Egg Mee with Veggies and Meat

Assalamu'alaykum, friends. 

Yeah. This is the reason why I disappeared all this time. Well, not really. I'm not just cooking, I have attended my school again, and I also visited some places while I'm on my holiday, so I'm not able to update this blog hehehehe (see? I'm making excuses again.). Conclusion : I'm a busy person! (in ambiguous term hehe~)

SOOOO, I was getting into the right mood for cooking, and here's the result! (well, I wasn't cooking in its true meaning. Instead, I was just getting in Bibi's way while she was cooking. Haha sorry for all the troubles I had given you, Bibi!). Well, at first I was going to call this food as 'noodle' or something like that. But you see, actually, it's not wrong to use the native name of the food, like, everyone know what baklava is, right? So, I'm just going with the name 'mee' instead of 'noodle'. Anyway, the name 'noodle' is too mainstream for me. The name 'mee' is waaaay more special. Hehehe. Okay, let's begin! Bismillah...

- 2 packages of egg mee (2 bungkus mie telor) --> I'm using the moon brands, or whatsoever it's called. I'm not really memorizing it lol.
- 3 cloves of garlic (3 siung bawang putih)
- 4 cloves of red onion (4 siung bawang merah)
- salt  (garam, secukupnya)
- sugar (gula, secukupnya)
- water (air, secukupnya)
- 1/4 tablespoon of pepper (1/4 sdm merica butir) 
- veggies (this time I'm using cesim --> I still dunno the english word for it. Well, tell me if you do!)
- Soy sauce (kecap, secukupnya)
- Curly chillies (?) , minced (cabe keriting secukupnya, cincang)
- Chicken meat, minced. (daging ayam secukupnya, cincang)
- Chilli sauce (saus sambal, secukupnya)
- Frying oil (minyak goreng, secukupnya)

P.S. : for the ingredients that is not mentioned in specific amount, like salt or sugar, that means, you can add those ingredients as many as you want. It's up to your desire.

EQUIPMENTS : pan, spatula, fork, ulekan/crusher (lol don't kill me bcs I really don't know the English word for it. Well, if you don't know or can't find the 'ulekan', you may use the blender to substitute it)

STEPS (warning! the photos aren't edited)
1. First of all, gather the garlic, kemiri, red onion, salt, and the pepper in the 'ulekan'  (you may substitute the 'ulekan' with blender). Crush it until all the ingredients become mixed and smooth.

2. Pour the frying oil on the pan, wait several minutes until it is heated, then put the mixed seasoning on the pan. Fry it until it's cooked. 

2nd step : fry the seasoning!

3. After the seasoning is cooked, add other ingredients, such as small cup of water, sugar, veggies, chillies, soy sauce, chicken meat, and chilli sauce into the seasoning. I recommend to add the veggies later on, so it will not become too mushy (read : lembek) while waiting the chicken meat to be fully-cooked.

3rd step : mix the seasoning with other ingredients

4. While waiting the seasoning to be fully cooked, start boiling the raw egg mee until it is half-cooked. Then, mix the half-cooked mee with soy sauce and sugar. You can mix 'em all in a big bowl.

4th step : boil and mix the egg mee with soy sauce and sugar

5. Still waiting for the seasoning to be fully recovered? Don't worry, let's fry the eggs first. You can choose whether you wanna make the scrambled eggs (telur dadar) or the 'telur mata sapi' one, but I prefer to have the scrambled one.

5th step : fry the egg!

6. After the seasoning is fully cooked, put the half-cooked mee and the scrambled eggs into the same pan with the seasoning. Mix them all at once.

6th step : Mix 'em all!

7. Voila! The egg mee is ready to be served! With this 'kira-kira tapi benar' recipe of mine, it will result like, two huge portions of this mee.

7th step : Took last pic. Snap. Grab the spoon and fork. And..... Selamat makaaaaan! 


Bezta Mh.