Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tuhan tahu

God Sees the Truth, But Waits.
Tuhan tahu, tapi menunggu.
-Leo Tolstoy.

Okay, I know that this is such a good quote in such a WRONG posting hahahaha. I can't hold my laughter when I saw that picture, like, all the time. Hope you guys won't get it wrong :p 

Orangketujuhbelas -------------------------> get over it already!!!! You were the one who didn't study!


P.S. : I think after this, I'm going to ignore the blog till June. Sorry :(
Kalah dengan 16 orang lainnya.

Pasti ada.

Tapi entah kenapa, rasanya hati ikhlas..... banget. Saya udah membayangkan, duh gusti, gimana kalau...... RANKING TERAKHIR DI KELAS????

Kalau Allah mau menghukum saya, harusnya jauh lebih buruk dari ini. Allah memang, selalu baik.

Yeah, good rank is the only way to get the PMDK. But, somehow, I'm just not so interested to took college in Indonesia. At least, I wanna study in Australia~ Tapi lebih jauh juga gapapa :p

Then it means that I have to get a good IELTS score! omg omg I should prepare from now on.

Penyemangat buat yang lagi drop juga! :)

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”
― Bill Gates

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Own Playlist

After the Rain (the perfume song) - Adhitia Sofyan

I love overall of this song. It's one of the songs that could make me calm in seconds. Adhitia described this song as "The song about the simple thought of missing someone that’s far far away."

If I could bottled the smell of the wet land after the rain
I’d make it a perfume and send it to your house
If one in a million stars suddenly will hit satellite
I’ll pick some pieces, they’ll be on your way

If only I could find my way to the ocean
I’m already there with you
If somewhere down the line
We will never get to meet
I’ll always wait for you after the rain

You-know-I-remember-who-when-I-hear-this-song. I really reccomend this song.

Kiss the Rain - Yiruma

This piano instrumental of Yiruma is really something, yet I know that I have obsession over songs that had title "rain" in it -___- but it doesn't mean I like someone related with rain. I love SUN!!!! (I mean, Sun equals Matahari. Jangan ditambahin huruf "I" di depan Sun. Bahaya.)

I Swear This Time I Mean It - Mayday Parade

So I'll sing a melody
And hope to God she's listening
Sleeping softly while I sing
And I'll be your memories
Your lullaby for all the times
Hoping that my voice could get it right

Fairytale - Sara Bareilles

The song is friggin' cool.  the lyrics are really different than you ever think, and it tells about a girl that doesn't really depends on the fairytale.

Sparks Fly - TSwift

Trouble - Coldplay

As always, Coldplay's songs are one of my favourites that I could never forget. This songs is quite old, but it seems like it never gets old.

Fix a Heart - Demi Lovato

I only want the best for you. 
You never really can fix a heart.
*batuk batuk nervous*

Chasing Pavements - Adele

ADELE ya, bukan ADEL. Kemaren si Moussa bilang, "ADEL itu yang nyanyi rolling in the deep ya?" *pundung di pojok ruangan* (FYI, nama itu ada hubungannya dengan orang disgusting di posting ini.)

Anyway, I was singing this song to myself in my classroom. I only sang "Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements.........." Surprisedly, Khairani and Saras were continued the song. They sang "even if it leads nowheeeeeere."

And that was a lot of fun! :D

Start - Depapepe

A really good guitar instrument to built up your mood. Semangat!!!!

Long Gone and Moved On - The Script

and I can't keep thinking that you're coming back, no.

Give Me Everything - Pitbul feat. Ne-Yo

I said I couldn't stand partying/ajeb-ajeb anymore. But this one is the only exception. Oh no. I also liked DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again.

Forget it!

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

And you cant fight the tears that ain't coming,

Or the moment of the truth in your lies.
When everything feels like the movies,
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive.

nyanyi sambil teriak :

And I don't want the world to see me,
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.

If I Could See You Again - Yiruma

Sundial Dreams - Kevin Kern

Ballade Pour Adeline - Richard Clayderman

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5

I've always loved Maroon 5's songs since I was eight (I remember listening to She Will Be Loved at Ibu's Cellphone when I was only a third grader). BUT WHY THE LYRICS AND THE MUSIC VIDEOS ALWAYS CONTAIN 'ADULT THINGY'???? T_T (eh bibirnya Jagger sangat tebal lho... sakali)

Gonna Get Over You - Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles's songs are always make me feel better. She could combined the a-bit-galau lyrics with happy melodies and her strong vocal character is really something.

And I tell myself to let the story end,
My heart will rest in someone else's hand
My 'why not me?' philosophy began,
And I say

Ooh, how'm I gonna get over you?
I'll be alright, just not tonight
Someday, oh I wish you'd want me to stay

Pachelbel's Canon - Depapepe

No one can resist that Canon instrument. And so do I.

and the last one, is the best song of the months. It is....

Drops of Jupiter - Train

It's kinda old, I know (it was made on 2001) , but still, it is one of the most beautiful song that ever made. How I love train for making this song. Now that I really love this song, I'll give all of the lyrics. Kalau ada yang mainin pianonya Drops of Jupiter di depan saya, trust me, I'll melt.

Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey, hey, hey
She acts like summer and walks like rain
Reminds me that there’s time to change, hey, hey, hey, hey
Since the return from her stay on the moon
She listens like spring and she talks like June, hey, hey, hey, hey

Tell me did you sail across the sun
Did you make it to the milky way to see the lights all faded
And that heaven is overrated

But tell me, did you fall for a shooting star
One without a permanent scar
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there

Now that she’s back from that soul vacation

Tracing her way through the constellation, hey, hey, hey

She checks out Mozart while she does tae-bo

Reminds me that there’s room to grow, hey, hey, hey, hey
Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
I’m afraid that she might think of me as plain old jane
Told a story about a man who is too afraid to fly so he never did land

Tell me did the wind sweep you off your feet
Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day
And head back to the milky way
And tell me, did Venus blow your mind
Was it everything you wanted to find
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there

Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken
Your best friend always sticking up for you, even when I know you’re wrong
Can you imagine no first dance, freeze dried romance five-hour phone conversation
The best soy latte that you ever had . . . and me


Horchata - Vampire Weekend

30 Days - Never Shout Never

Who would've thought that someone like me

Could've fallen in love so easily?
I know that you know that I know what I want
I know I can't have it but give it a thought
I know that it sounds crazy, baby
But all I do is think of you

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The True Personality of PM.

Even the most graceful person like Rasulullah have so many haters until now, and he didn't even hate them. And that line, "No worldly duties could keep him busy." I feel so useless because I'm not that busy, yet I often procastinated the prayers and rarely reciting Qur'an. All this time, I've been ignoring my own God. Astagfirullahal'adzim.

Hate cartoon for Islam and Prophet Muhammad.(I make the size smaller because it was unappropriate, actually) 
Oh, haters.

There are 2 things that I wanna say over that hate cartoon.

First of all, don't ever judge someone if you don't have any scientific evidence. Read the Qur'an instead. The true Islam itself, actually, really appreciate women, see terrorism as a very awful thing, and Prophet Muhammad himself used to get along with his neighbours, no matter what their religion are. He didn't force them to convert to Islam.

And, the perspective those racist people had for Islam doesn't even close to true. Just because we're moslem, then it doesn't mean we're terrorist. And ya, just by now, I found out that actually, some of Jewish people in Israel didn't really hate moslem, they didn't support the Kabbalah thingy & the blockade over Palestine. (don't bring Obama over this, I'll get mad. hehe)

Really, we should never stereotyped people.


I miss us

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


BY THE WAY, TODAY'S MARK TWAIN'S 176TH BIRTHDAY XD Don't ya know who is Mark Twain? He's one of my greatest inspirations in my life (after Prophet Mohammed, of course) And, he got soooo many quotes that kind of related to my personal life. Hehe. 

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.”


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Gotta study now. Got a lotta exam this week, YET, the final exam is on Dec 5th. I SHOULD'VE SEEN THIS COMING.

Let. Me. Die.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ambigu yang Tercampur

-Ambigu 1
What's wrong with you guys?

Mereka begini, mereka begitu. Mereka memuja lelaki rupawan, melewatkan wanita menawan. Mereka takut pada tangisan.


I don't get it. Really. How come you guys choose me when there are more than 2 millions women in the world? Menga to the pa?

-Ambigu 2
Minggu ini ada 1 cowok yang pundung sama saya gara-gara saya bilang 'Alay'. Padahal kan cuma bercanda hehehe. Terus udah baikan, terus dianya pundung lagi. Baikan, pundung deui.

Kapok. Nggak lagi deh asal nyeletuk.

-Yang ini... adalah curcol.
"So we back in the club
Get that bodies rockin from side to side
Thank God the week is done,I feel like a zombi gone back to life (ba-back to life)
Hands-up,and suddenly we all got our hands-up
No control of my body"


I think I will never get over him. It will never get enough. I'm crazy about him. Atau karena dia tinggal jauh dan 'keren' aja ya, makanya dia jadi keliatan amazing banget? Ga tau lah. Yang jelas sekarang, Matahari alias Ican itu semacam life-saver dan sangat mempermudah hidup GUE *oke sakali* Contoh :

A: Ehem ehem cieee Bewew sama ***************************************** nih...
B: Enggaklah, kan aku udah punya Matahari...
A: Siapa matahari?
B: Cowok keren dong..... Bukan anak smansa.

atau yang ini :

A: Ih kamu suka sama siapa sih?
B: Ada deeeeh.
A: Siapa atuh?
B: Matahari!
A: *pasang muka bete* itu mah aku juga tau!

atau yang lebih konyol lagi :

B : (lagi asik bikin sirine pas elektronika)
M : Cieeee bewew sama ************* nih....
B : Apa kamu bilang?!
M : Peace peace....
S : Nggak dia mah sukanya sama si ini nih....
B : Eh, asal kalian tau, yang aku suka bukan disini. Namanya Matahari. Dia keren banget.
M : Matahari........... matahari!!!!!! *nyanyi pake nada ga jelas*
B : (terdiam, depresi tingkat dewa.)
S : hahahaha
B : Iiih, Matahari itu lebih ganteng daripada kalian, kalian, kalian, kalian. (nunjuk cowok yang ngeledek satu persatu)
S : AJI....... (dasar kelinci emang, Aji wae semuanya --> Aji itu semacam trademark di X-5. Pas Pak Toni presentasi diktator sampe ada yang 'nyebut'. Wkwkwk)
B : BUKAN! Dia itu nggak ada di smansa, nggak ada di Bogor!
Cowok 2 : Iya, tapi di sepuluh lima ada dong...
B : (menerjang si S dengan meriam kame-kameha.)

Endingnya, saya jadi menyesal kenapa pake nyebut Matahari segala di depan cowok cowok itu. Penyesalan memang selalu datang terlambat. Hhh.

Pernah gak sih kamu ngerasa bahwa kehadiran kamu di bumi ini worthless? Ngerasa bahwa kamu itu cuma ngerugiin orang lain? Ngerasa bahwa actually, you don't belong here. Have you ever felt that you don't deserve this good life you had?

Well, I have.

And I've never understood the reason why so many people in the world comitted suicide until I had that thoughts.

TAPI, INGAT, KAMU SPERMA! #upssalah. Serius. Tapi, eh bener, quotenya raditya dika itu emang bikin saya semangat hidup. You were once the fastest sperm in your mother uterus, don't you ever forget that.

Atau, penyemangat di kala pengen tidur selama-lamanya adalah dengan baca qur'an dan Tuesdays With Morrie. Filsafat hidupnya kena banget. Hidup itu pilihan. Yes, it's all about choosing. Kamu bisa milih untuk terus 'hidup' atau 'mati' secara perlahan. Get busy living or get busy dying.

Self-notes :
It's always rain hard for people who deserve the sun.
You can't have a rainbow without a rain.
If you don't have the reason for living, you'll die for nothing.

P.S. : Yeaaaaaay! Tomorrow is the D-DAY! NUSA IS COMING UP! Btw, NUSA is an annual fieldtrip to Gunung Mas for grade X in my high school. I think I won't bring my camera, but I'll try to get the pics from my classmates as soon as posibble. Pray for me and my grades. And for my Pkn's book. May he rest in peace. Amen.

Salam TI,

1 Kalimat = Sejuta Kenangan

Here comes that feelings again...

Dan saya cuma bisa mengumpat,

"Memori sialan!"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I believe that telepathy works, that UFO exists, and miracle happens.
I dream big, then I pursue it.
(from the facebook account of Teh Annisa eASY)

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's About the Personality.

"A person who has good thoughts can never be ugly."

Seseorang yang mempunyai pikiran yang baik tidak akan pernah menjadi jelek.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Ya Allah, aku terpuruk!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaa kebakaran gimana ini sumpah di spensa ga pernah dapet segini apaan itu mate fisika geo kayak gitu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha nilai mata pelajaran yang lain juga ga bagus sih tapi tapi tapi TEORI TIK EMANG NYEBELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN AAAAAAAAAAA APAAAN ITU ANGKANYA JELEK BANGET , PALING JELEK DI KERTAS ITU!!!! AAAAAHAHAHA pengen ketawa sambil nangis ih.


Tapi gapapa deh, I admit that I hadn't put my maximal efforts. I admit that this semester, I've been super lazy  and procastinate a lot.  Saya malesnya tingkat dewa banget. *menghibur diri*

Nilai saya mungkin bukan yang terbaik, but at least, I know that this grades are really came from my own efforts. Alhamdulillah, betapa usaha-ngebut-belajar-dari-jam-4-pagi itu masih dibalas sama Allah dan nggak sia-sia.

Betapa untuk berubah menjadi lebih baik dan berlaku jujur itu nggak mudah, tapi ada kepuasan tersendiri yang menyertainya ketika kamu sudah berusaha melakukannya.

Yang deg-degan akan ngasih 'rapot bayangan' ke Bapak Ibu (kok jadi kayak idola cilik gini? -____-),



Saya udah mencoba bikin non-fiksi, yah, kayak jurnal gitu, tapi ngedeskripsiin tentang dari awal saya kenal apirang sampai...

Yeah, until I decided to get over him.

And you know what?

Belum apa-apa, tulisan itu sudah menghabiskan 10 halaman microsoft word. Padahal, itu masih berupa abstraksi yang belum lengkap, terputus-putus dan banyak sekali peristiwa yang terlewat. Bahkan banyak bagian yang baru berupa sebuah kalimat yang bisa cukup mengingatkan saya pada apa yang terjadi di masa lalu. Oh, well.

Kalau dibaca-baca lagi abstraksinya, despite of the fact that everything has changed now, I really really miss those times. Selama apa sih 2 tahun itu? Kayaknya sebentar sekali. Sebanyak itukah yang bisa terjadi, well, di antara 'kita'? I mean,  I can't really say that we ARE friends, and neither can he. Padahal, perumpamaannya kita itu udah masuk masa awkwardnya relation between a boy and a girl. You know, that time when every simple moves started to make sense and you're really scared to see him. DAN KALAU KALIAN LIAT GIMANA SEKARANG KITA ACT TOWARDS EACH OTHER, I bet you won't even realize if we had known each other before. We're really a pair of good actor. Uh-huh.

Oke, oke. Saya kangen, kangen banget, tapi di satu sisi saya nggak kangen. (jadi ambigu gini kan........) Intinya, he turned into a pretty big waste of my time. KE AMRIK AJA SANA KAMU! Eh jangan. Saya aja yang ke Amrik hehehehe *ada modus.

Bohong banget emang posting TLG itu. Kalian udah tau kan TLG itu kepanjangannya apa? The Last Galau.Yeah, it sounds silly. And weird. And intoxicating. Semakin kamu mencoba melupakan seseorang, semakin ingat jadinya. Duh.

P.S. : just by now I read 2 postings (or articles) that contain very different topic. This is the sign that, you know, Matahari is getting more handsome right now. Noooooooooooooo, I was just kidding. Tapi dia emang ganteng sih *sakaliiii* Btw, the postings are really cool! (kecuali website yang ngomongin tentang crushes itu -_-) Check it, especially if you're the students of Smansa!

yang keren --->
yang 'agak-agak' --->


You won't believe if it's the lyrics of a post-hardcore song. But trust me, this song really sounds good and had some related lyrics, i guess so. At least, I think it's the best post-hardcore song I ever heard. And this is the first post-hardcore song EVER that I liked. Hope you'll like it too.

I don't wanna take your precious time
'Cause you're such a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty face
But you turned into a pretty big waste of my time

-If You Can't Hang by Sleeping with the Sirens


Saturday, November 12, 2011



I guess, everything would be just fine.

Ini adalah saat-saat ketika saya pengen pergi aja. You know, it's not like I'm ready for it. I'm just, felt that, my  existence didn't have any special meaning for anyone. Ngeliat facebook,iri banget liat orang lain masih comment-commentan di status. Di ekskul, yang lain pada deket satu sama lain.

Dan dari 3 ekskul yang saya ikutin, nggak pernah saya ngerasa 'deket' banget kayak keluarga. Yes, I know, it 's my fault that I'm not so open to anyone. That I become more introvert each day. That I don't try to get closer to anyone. That I'm so individualistic and almost anti-social and barely ever saw my bffs again. Oh, God...

singkatnya, saat ini saya cuma seorang manusia yang... almost useless. Kerjaannya ngeblog-makan-minum-tidur.

I know, life is something that we must cherish, but... I felt like I've been trapped in wrong world. Kalau galaunya sudah mengkronis, kadang saya suka berpikir, well, kenapa harus saya sih yang lahir ke dunia ini? Kenapa nggak 'roh' yang lebih baik aja? yang lebih nurut sama orangtua, yang lebih bisa fokus belajar, yang bisa lebih lebih lah pokoknya.

Tapi, kata Raditya Dika, kalau kamu lagi stres, ingatlah bahwa you were once the fastest sperm. Kamu bisa ngalahin jutaan sel lainnya dan bertahan hidup selama berbulan-bulan. Kenapa sekarang jatuh cuma gara-gara puluhan masalah kecil?

agak 'sensitif' sih, tapi don't try to judge me! :9

Yang masih bertahan hidup karena Allah, dan well, orangtua.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Be Thankful.

Regrets always come at last. But, I dunno. I just keep moving and moving and moving. I don't care how it hurts. I tried to walk away as I'm praying, "Brain, please erase, erase them all."

I easily forget people. Forgetting him is easy. But not the memories. It'll always be there.

"I'm changing the way I feel. I can't keep thinking that you're coming back"

I won't ever ask God again why he gave me such memories. I'm pretty sure that God didn't arrange the friendship that we used to had in the past just for nothing.

Bersyukurlah, karena, kamu nggak akan pernah merasa memiliki sesuatu sampai hal tersebut hilang dari dirimu.

daddy brought this!

My dad just came back from his duty in Singapore, and he brought me some yummy things. (sorry for the low quality pictures, though)

Kalau dilihat lebih dekat, ada ini!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH *dying* iTouch 32gb white. ADA DUA LAGI. Tapi bukan buat akuce. One is belong to my Mom, and the other one is going to be given as birthday present to Kukung!

Yes. Bentar lagi aku bisa sering main tap tap revenge. Terus main the sims. Terus main yang loncat-loncatin domba itu (lupa namanya). Terus main game perang yang ada kata-kata 'victory'nya. Yeaaaaahhhh.

Yang masih mengharapkan DSLR,


Scholarship, puh-lease?

Just by now, I was reading someone's blog (which I followed, but I don't know her at all, hehe) and I found a some sentences that catch my attention.


Yak. Itu daftar universitas yang udah pasti bersedia nerima seorang siswa Indonesia di Jakarta. He has accepted in 8 UNIVERSITIES. BAYANGIN.  MIT!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh. Ini. Sungguh. Sungguh. Amat. Sangat. Keren. Sekali.

Dan begitu saya search di twitter, ketemu orangnya. And guess what? Now, he's living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Yes, he goes to MIT. Iriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Ya Allah sumpah demi apapun. Pengen banget banget banget ke Cambridge, whether the one in England, or the other one which located at US. Amrik :( Matahari :(

Now, scholarship seems to be out of option, because even to get the standard grades (without cheating) in smansa is a really hard struggle. Entah pergi kemana itu semangat belajar. Jadilah tiap pagi buru-buru belajar karena malamnya too exhausted.

Ah, tapi nggak boleh ngecewain semua pihak yang udah baik sama kita. Nggak boleh ngecewain Allah yang udah ngasih kesempatan masuk sekolah kehidupan ini. Kesempatan yang nggak diterima 400 lebih siswa lain yang daftar ke smansa.

Sumpah, aku nggak pernah nyesel masuk Smansa. Nggak pernah sama sekali.

Dan, jujur itu bukan perjuangan yang mudah, tapi, harus bisa buktiin bahwa kejujuran itu bisa menang. Rapot bayangan memang dibagikan besok. Tapi, belum terlambat untuk memperbaikinya. Nggak pernah ada kata terlambat buat belajar. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GIMANA INI BELOM ULANGAN SUSULAN FISIKA *dead*

Insha Allah, I will be raising from the ground, like a skyscraper. Scholarship...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Robin Lim

Robin Lim has been chosen as a Top 10 CNN Hero! Vote her, so she can be the CNN hero of the year!

Who is Robin Lim?

Mother Robin," or "Ibu Robin" as she is called by the locals, is working to change that with her Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation) health clinics. These birthing sanctuaries offer free prenatal care, birthing services and medical aid to anyone who needs it.

Robin Lim adalah seorang penulis, pembicara dan aktivis di bidang yang berkaitan dengan kesehatan Ibu dan anak. Oya, dia juga ikut terjun langsung membantu para Ibu melahirkan. Ia sendiri dibesarkan di Filipina, dan ayahnya sempat ditugaskan di Indonesia. Nah, dia itu berkewarganegaraan Amerika, namun ia memutuskan untuk pindah ke Bali bersama suami dan anak-anaknya. 

Lalu, di Bali itu ia mendirikan klinik bersalin yang melayani dengan setulus hati, tidak memaksakan bayaran pada pasiennya, bahkan orang miskin saja tidak perlu bayar biaya persalinan. Robin Lim sendiri berusaha menghindari fakta umum di Indonesia, bahwa anda baru bisa menggendong bayi anda saat biaya persalinan sudah lunas. Oya, dia juga buka klinik bersalin di Aceh lho. Dan kerennya, Robin Lim itu berusaha melayani pasien-pasiennya dengan sebaik mungkin, tidak peduli apakah dia itu selebritis atau psk. Bahkan, Oppie Andaresta dan banyak kalangan atas yang senang melahirkan di kliniknya Robin Lim dan banyak dari mereka yang ikut menyumbang demi kelangsungan klinik ini.

Dengan nge-voting Robin Lim, kita bisa membantu klinik bersalin 'Yayasan Bumi Sehat' milik Robin Lim lebih berkembang dan kita juga bisa membantu lebih banyak Ibu di Indonesia melahirkan dengan selamat tanpa harus mengkhawatirkan soal biaya. Satu suara bisa merubah segalanya. Semangat!

Indeed, I think her quote is the strongest quote between the other candidates of the CNN hero of the year.

(for the full biography, you can read it here)



Don't Wear This Kind of Hijab!

Cuma untuk berbagi informasi saja. Tapi sebaiknya jangan dipakai deh yang kerudung model sanggul gitu. Jaga-jaga aja.

Setelah saya liat gambar ini, sekarang saya sering banget neken-neken kepala, biar ga ada 'something' yang ngejendol gitu wkwk.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Repost : Rangga's Poem

Kulari ke hutan kemudian menyanyiku
kulari ke pantai kemudian teriakku
sepi, sepi dan sendiri
aku benci

Aku ingin bingar
aku mau di pasar
bosan aku dengan penat
dan enyah saja kau pekat
seperti berjelaga
jika ku sendiri

Pecahkan saja gelasnya
biar ramai
biar mengaduh sampai gaduh

Ah...ada malaikat menyulam
jaring laba-laba belang
di tembok keraton putih
kenapa tak goyangkan saja loncengnya
biar terdera

Atau aku harus lari ke hutan
belok ke pantai .........


saya sedang berkubang dalam kaporit sisa tadi renang. Weks. (ups ketauan belom mandi~ hahahaaa) Mandi dulu yaaak.

Fix You

When you try your best but you don't succeed.
When you lose something you can't replace.
When you love someone but it goes to waste..

Best song at the moment, what more can I say?

Saturday, November 05, 2011


when it comes to my love life, this is definitely legit.


Emang nggak nyambung. Tapi coba aja bayangin. Sometimes, I do have some daydreams when life gets boring. And at that time, I usually make list of "what ifs" in my own mind. But shockingly, my what ifs become real and they become soooo intense. Ok. Whatever.

Don't You Dare Touch My Kerupuk

Don’t you dare touch my kerupuk
Don’t you even put the thought on your mind
I’m gonna cut your chest open,
feed your heart to the lions at the zoo.

Don’t you even touch my kerupuk
Don’t you even have the thought on your heart
I’m gonna cut your head open,
Take your brain out, shove it back to your behind

I love my kerupuk
They’re like my flesh and blood

Stay off my kerupuk
Or you won’t sleep so well at night
You’ll have nightmares for as long that you’re alive

Itu lagunya Adhitia Sofyan :p funny song with a galau melodies *oooops* Rada kejem emang ya cuma buat sebuah kerupuk lol. Tapi kerupuk itu emang one of the best food that ever invented XD NEED IT NOW!! Btw, november feels like heaven, you know, because the cold wind started to blow periodically, and right now, mangoes are everywhere ~(‾▿‾~)

p.s. : Wish me luck for my 'susulan' examinations! Omg, I haven't done 3 exams. Oh maaaaaaan.

Salam matahari!! ☼☼☼


Friday, November 04, 2011

judulnya apa ya?


coba deh buka link ini

Di blognya teh Regia ada video yang kebetulan baru saya tonton di mentoring tadi siang (thanks to my classmates! (: ). Atau bisa dilihat di youtubenya langsung.

Dan di posting itu ada video yang kebetulan baru saya tonton di mentoring tadi siang.

So, there was a girl that disliked her father. Why? because her father was a deaf-mute. She was barely communicating well with his father. She wanted a better father, a father who can listen to her hope and fears, well, at least the ordinary one. She was often getting into a fight because her friends kept teased her about her deaf father. Well, for the further information, ketik Bewew kirim ke 4444. Nah! just watch the video, kay?

It was the commercial for a thai insurance. Then I realized something. The idea of this commercial is somewhat kinda same with the panteen commercial in thailand. Ingat? iklan itu bercerita tentang cewek deaf-mute yang berjuang keras biar bisa juara di lomba musik klasik, meski ada temannya yang pianist selalu menjatuhkannya. Pas lomba, dia mainin Canon in D di biola, dengan penghayatan yang keren plus karena itu commercial iklan sampo, ada efek-efek rambutnya gitu.... eaaaaaaaa hahaha.

EHHHHH, WAIIIIT. ITU YANG DI IKLAN PANTEEN BAIFERN PIMCHANOK KAN??? The one that's playing the lead role in Crazy Little Thing Called Love? Yang jadi Nam? Yang naksir Mario Maurer aaaaaa~ *baru sadar*

dia aslinya putih kok :D yang item itu perubahan drastis Baifern buat perannya di CLTCL 



Cherish 'Em!


source : as usual, tumblr. (i forgot the url, sowwwwy)


Saya lagi jatuh cinta banget sama musik-musik aliran New Ageeeee *meluk Yiruma* --> apasih --"

Apa sih musik aliran new age? kata wikipedia sih New Age music itu "music of various styles intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. It is used by listeners for yoga, massage, meditation, and reading as a method of stress management or to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home or other environments"

hahaaa gitulah. To be more specific, in my own thought, new age music itu yang peaceful, yang dengernya rasanya bikin tenang banget. Entah tenang karena ngegalau inget masa lalu *lirik apirang sama matahari*, atau tenang karena tenang (?). Gitulah. Kalo mau tau dengerin piano instrumental-nya Yiruma aja di hatiku. (maaf ya ini emang random sekali) haha btw, saya terlanjur nganggep semua modern instrumental yang bikin tenang itu pasti alirannya New Age. Sampe Ballade pour Adeline pun saya anggap New Age. Tau kan Ballade pour Adeline? Pasti tau dong, kan sering diputar di gramed. Kalo nggak tau... cari aja deh di youtube ya :p

Karena udah terlanjur random, mari bikin posting ini makin random serandom-randomnya.

Oiya nyaris lupa! tadi saya ada sesi mengobrol sama Dewice. Well, as usual, kita ngomongin.........cowok. (itu random banget curhatnya. Mulai dari ngediskusiin serious matter like the status of a boy sampai lawakan saya tentang sampe lebaran kuda pun Apirang nggak akan pernah jadi romantis. Forget it. Aaaaaaaarrrgh)  Seriously, I was thinking that I was the only one that is really strange, tapi ternyata aku punya temen *peluk Dewi*

terus kita pindah ngobrol di mushola (tadinya di kantin). Heboh banget, sampe bikin ricuh yang lagi mentoring plus hehehe maaf ya teman. Terus anza dateng. Terus tiba-tiba kita denger Tower 16 (semacam ekstrakulikuler yang nyiarin radio, dan lagunya kedengeran satu smansa) nyetel River Flows in You-nya Yiruma. Dewi lari keluar biar bisa denger lagunya lebih jelas lagi. Saya terpaku, eh nggak gitu juga deh, pokoknya undescribable.

Omong-omong , entah mengapa akhir-akhir ini Tower 16 seriiiiing banget nyetel lagu yang bikin saya pengen garuk-garuk tembok, saking lagu yang disetel itu galau banget yet sound really good, and those songs were my favourite songs in the past. (kata Nisa = lagu-lagu yang enak didenger itu biasanya lagu galau. Oh nooo) Kemarin dan kemarin pernah disetel Only Hope yang dinyanyiin ulang sama Mandy Moore. That was my favourite song during the summer of 2011. Lagu itu juga soundtrack-nya A Walk to Remember, film yang diadaptasi dari novel karangan Nicholas Sparks, dan ITU novel pertama yang bisa bikin saya nangis, saking kerennya si gaul Landon yang tadinya nggak suka sama Jamie yang kuper, tapi akhirnya dia setia banget sama Jamie yang ngidap leukemia, bahkan Landon sampe bela-belain bikin teleskop sendiri buat Jamie, ngebacain alkitab dan nungguin Jamie tiap hari, sampai mewujudkan keinginan-keinginan terakhir Jamie, termasuk keinginan untuk nikah di gereja yang sama dengan gereja tempat menikah orangtuanya. I just can't resist it! (btw bagusan novelnya daripada filmnya. Sumpah banyak detail yang nggak disebutin di film, dan baca novelnya itu bikin deg! banget.)

Terus lagu galau sepanjang masa, The Man Who Can't Be Moved, juga sering to the max diputer (aku baru sadar, most of the script's songs are really... galau.) Dan, Rabu kemarin, saat saya lagi buru-buru mau syuro departemen dkm, tiba-tiba.... terdengar Bimbang-nya Melly Goeslaw. Soundtracknya AADC. Cinta. Rangga. AAAAAAAAAAAA I'M GOING CRAZYYY (Untung belum pernah disetel lagu DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love Again. Bisa gila inget matahari entar.)

Oke, emang nggak selebay itu. Muka saya emang 'datar' alias poker face ketika denger lagu-lagu itu, tapi, percayalah kalau sebenarnya ketika itu saya lagi dying inside. For me, every love songs make sense. And it's really awkward when I found out that those love songs have the power to destroy all the defense I've built these months. I almost forgotten the self-promise that I made several days ago, a promise not to fall in love again (jangan bilang nggak mungkin, liat ke posting sebelumnya :p)

Belum cerita ya? After had a lot of argumentation with my own mind, I choose not to fall over boys again. I  just wanna admire 'em, that's all. I'm sure you know what's the meaning of admirer. Yeah, for me, it's kinda the same with being a fan.

Bukan, bukan fan yang ini

tapi fan yang ini

Oke. Lanjut! Bedanya ngefans sama ngecrush? Beda lah. Fans itu ya cuma 'mengagumi' seseorang without hoping something in return. Ngefans ya ngefans aja, buat seneng-seneng aja. Anggap aja seperti ngefans sama JB atau siapa gitu.

kamis kemarin saya sempat ngefans sama seseorang. Kenapa? Abis dia lucu. Bukan lucu yang humoris, tapi lucu karena dia itu mukanya lucu (loh?) terus dia keren, suka sama 'NASA thingy' gitu. Tapi, saya langsung cabut begitu tau dia hobi melakukan kebiasaan buruk yang diawali huruf N dan diakhiri huruf K (ok, ini apa banget..) Bukannya saya nggak pernah kayak gitu, (tapi terakhir ngelakuin kebiasaan buruk itu pas kelas 8 kalo gasalah) tapi gatau kenapa, ada some feelings yang bilang bahwa ngefans sama dia itu salah. Ampuuun, padahal paginya, ketika everythings seem to be soooo dark, when i was in a mood swing, i saw him and he was the reason of my smile. Tapi sorenya, saya ilfil. Aneh banget emang.

Eh, nemu lagu baru nih... lagu The Script. Jadi... pasti galau wkwkwk.

Oh from this moment on
I'm changing the way I feel yeah
From this moment on
It's time to get a real

Cause I still don't know how to act
Don't know what to say
Still wear the scars like it was yesterday
But you're long gone and moved on

Kenapa harus related banget sih?? *pundung di pojok ruangan



Saturday, October 29, 2011


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!” 

Audrey Hepburn

Inspiring Pics

I don't know. Since 2010, October has been a very teribble month, well, at least for me. Things went crazy, and I have become somewhat complicated person. I've become soooo emotional. I often felt like my existence just bothered the others. Like, the world turns its back on me.

But, then, I saw this Lion King's quote.

Oh, no. I realized something.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MAMEN SELASA 3 PELAJARAN (kayaknya) ARE GOING TO BE TESTED!!!! Dan masalahnya Smansa itu ulangannya semacam ulangan harian -_- jadi ga ada waktu ekstra buat belajar, karena kbm berjalan seperti biasa. Gila banget. Saya aja kaget kalo noleh ke belakang, kok bisa ya belajar jam 4 pagi padahal ada tes jam 7?

Ga tau dan ga mau tau ah. Life's complicated enough, ayo belajarr!