Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Beauty of Nature

Hey, peeps, Assalamu'alaykum :) Well, I can't tell much about this one post. I just grab my camera (no no, basically my mom's camera hehe), took some pictures, then leave to the dentist~ and then making this post to you all.

Have you ever wondered why my blog's title change?

Yes. It's because I do want to add more Islamic values to my own blog, and I thought, the best way I could ever make that idea into reality is through photography and hadith/qur'an verses. With a little sense of fashion, of course. (maybe someday, I'll ask my fashionable partner to take pics together hahah)

Well, I'm not an expert. I'm just some random teenager that had older faces which makes people think I'm older than 16. Even many of them called me 'IBU' (read : ma'am) if I wander in malls or public places without my high school uniform.

Okay. Stop the random elaboration. So, today, since I want to be at least a little productive, I decided to have my-very-first-photoshoot-ever-in-2012. Woo hoo!

backpack : Jersey Lacey
Hijab : unbranded
skirt : Rabbani
Tops : unbranded
Cardigan : St. Oliver

"Allah is beautiful, and He loves beauty."

Bilingual --- Renewable Tooth | Gigi Baru

As you all may know, I went to the dentist today (the dentist name is unique, Doctor Funny). And this is the result.

I was being unattentive to my own teeth, I forgot to brush it so many times, then I got the disastrous result too. Imagine, 5 dental fillings in a single day!

Trust me, it hurts. So, do take a lesson, guys. Never, ever forget brush your tooth. And if necessary, use dental floss to clean some dirt in your teeth.

Ya, seperti yang kalian tau, Bewew pergi ke dokter gigi hari ini. (nama dokter giginya unik, Drg. Funny). Dan ini adalah hasilnya.

Bewew dulu sempet nggak meduliin kesehatan gigi sendiri, sering kelupaan gosok gigi berkali-kali, lalu inilah hasil buruk dari kebiasaan jelek itu. Bayangkan, 5 tambalan gigi dalam satu hari!

Percaya Bewew deh, sakit bangeeeet. Pelajaran nih buat teman-teman. Jangan pernah lupa gosok gigi ya. Bahkan jika perlu, pakailah benang gigi untuk membersihkan sisa-sisa makanan/kotoran yang menempel di gigi.


Being hyperactive di Internet ternyata juga bikin capek ya muahahaha. By the way, I found out that a fashion blogger that I followed for years, Veren Lee (her age is still around me! hehehe~), conducting a giveaway anymore. Collaborating with SHEINSIDE, this time, Veren is going to give some cool sweaters. 

Want one? Read and follow these steps to win!

From Veren :

To celebrate Christmas, sheinside and me have teamed up for a giveaway special for my readers. There'll be one winner and the winner may pick one of the following sweaters above. :D

How to win:

1. Follow my blog through bloglovin' / GFC
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Extra points:
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This giveaway is open internationally until January 7th 2013. Don't forget to mention your instagram/twitter account and put your blogpost's link about this giveaway on the comment box if you do all the extra points . GOOD LUCK! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ga Jadi Pindah!

That awkward moment when you feel like a stranger in your own blog....

 HAHAHAHA Assalamu'alaikum sistah and brotaahhh (trying so hard to sound like a British). It has been a very loooooooooong time since my last post here, isn't it? :D

Well, time change. Some part of me have changed too, Insya Allah for the better. Don't worry, I'm still the old me. The one who can't be quiet for a long time a.k.a pecicilan, the one who likes to be random, etc etc. (but at least I could say 'etc' as et cetera. Wuesss keren kan? #plak)

And.. I promised not to get back to this blog, huh?  Well, some promises are made to be broken hehehe *WHAT* So, I'm back. Right here, right now.

Yeah, actually, I've tried another website to write posts. Even I tried once in tumblr. It was fun actually, but in tumblr, I couldn't keep focusing on writing my own posts, since the dashboard got so many terrific things to be reblogged. You know the ending. Mission-almost-succeeded (I try my best not to mention the word 'fail' lol)

Whatever. So, readers, thank you for keep following me, and sorry for this-passive-writer-of-all-time *pointing myself*

Here's a pic from me, as a compliment :D

I looked so strong right? :p Diapit dua cowok *eaaa* 

Oh, btw, my header is new :) Do you like it?

Dan, pamit ya, mau ke dentist dulu. Something's wrong with my teeth. Pray for me, ok? hehe :D  Karena gigi ditambal itu sakit. #youdon'tsay


Bewizta :)