Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Saya malas belajar...

Dan kemudian saya ingat angka "17" itu lagi.

Ah, ya Allah, semoga Kau mudahkan semuanya. Amin. Semua daydreams-ku dari SMP, semua yang tertorehkan a-hundred-dream list itu. Waaah I'm sorry if I sound too greedy.

Studying is a matter of consistency. You are what you do repeatedly. Studying is a matter of consistency.  You are what you do repeatedly. Studying is a matter of consistency. You are what you do repeatedly. Studying is a matter of consistency. You are what you do repeatedly. Studying is a matter of consistency. You are what you do repeatedly. Studying is a matter of consistency. You are what you do repeatedly. Studying is a matter of consistency. You are what you do repeatedly. Studying is a matter of consistency You are what you do repeatedly.Studying is a matter of consistency.Studying is a matter of consistency. You are what you do repeatedly. Studying is a matter of consistency. You are what you do repeatedly.

Be the Change


That number has been freaking me out since yesterday. Lol. 

Come to think of it, I was not an obedient kid. Or a talented one.  I was just................. an average one. And up until now, I still can't cook, can't do math well, can't be so open to others, can't stand boys, can't recite Quran amazingly, can't get the best score, can't love those science subjects, can't be on time, can't express affection to others, can't let go of those self-conciousness.... yet. It just feels like I'm up to no good. 

Whoa. And again, so many quotes have had contradictions in my mind. Like, for example, I love those quotes "Winners never quit", but I also like that "Quitters can win too". It's very contradicting to each other, isn't it?

So, it brought me to conclusion that every quote, every statement that human made has their own limit. Because human are just human. Pros and contras are always going to be exist. 

Well, I had told by someone that "You should try harder." , "if you're going to runaway from your responsibility, how would you face your problem in the future?". Their advices, seemed like to tell me that "winners never quit". But, come to think of it, some winners also once quitters. Quitters here, mean that they were sacrificing something for better results. They decided to quit, because they think that "quitting act" was worth it.

I made the same decision. I quitted. My act still remain obscure, and I felt like my request wasn't even got listened. Actually, it kinda hurts to know that your voice wasn't listened, while you want to make change about something that wasn't right. I say, this thing wasn't right anymore, because I did this thing with some purposes, with some agreement with someone. Exchanging ourself, that was what we promised to each other. I even lied to the upperclassmen to protect our agreement. I said so many good reasons for the purpose sake. But the agreement was broken by him, he didn't do the things I did, so I thought that was the main reason for me to quit. I had no reason to be there anymore. I tried to be thoughtful, I endured to say those quitting words, but it was getting worse. He even insisted to keep me doing that thing, while he himself didn't do anything on our agreement. I bet he didn't even remember about his sweet words when we made that agreement. I know that human forget easily, but it's just too much if he forgets such an important agreement. He is not a kid anymore and he hadn't had "forgetting disease" like Amnesia. I told him that I don't want to continue doing this thing because of my parents' prohibition, but actually, my real reason to stop this thing, was more because of our agreement that has already broken. Ah, I don't know what to say anymore. My throat hurts. People might think that I am the main villain. But I believe that Allah knows the truth, Allah sees, but he waits. I might seem so confident and I know that I'm not the kind of people that can be easily loved by others, and probably, I'm being annoying to some people now. But I will try to fix it. Step by step. By being honest, kind, and not to tell lies anymore, even if the white one. 

Let's do one good deed a day! (Kimi Ni Todoke's Sawako's (a.k.a Sadako's) life philosophy) 

Friday, April 13, 2012


This is one of the evidences that I have some weird obsession toward "asian guys who live in foreign country"

His stage name is Jun Curry Ahn. He was born on 1993. He's korean and moved to US at 2001 (the same year as Matahari then!!) He currently goes to Northwestern University (maybe in Illinois). He's residing in Evanston, Illinois. He join dance group in his university, and he can dance to some K-Pop music, he can play guitar, he loves his li'l cousin, he's good at photography and of course, he MASTERED VIOLIN. Oh ya, he started to learn violin at 5th grade, and he named his violin as Debby :3 he loves his violin sooooo much.

This. Is. Too. Adorable.

his little cousin and him :)

And he had glasses, that surprisingly looks kinda same as mine. Lol. And musicians always look more captivating, aren't they?

This is Debby :D She is very lovely..

My favourite violin cover of him is the Safe and Sound cover, which in it, he dueted with his talented college friend, who is also happened to be korean.

Gila General Knowledge #2

Who is Bruno Mars real name?
*cengo* *open wikipedia* It's Peter Gene Hernandez.

How old is christopher drew ingle?
*googling* He's currently 21 years old. His b'day is on February 11th :)

When was the date of Prince William wedding? Where? What's the 'gelar' of him after married? What's the real last name of Prince William?
April 29th 2011, on westminister Abbey. Duke of Cambridge. Mountbatten-Windsor.

What's the 'gelar' of Prince Charles, Lady Diana, Queen, and his husband?
Prince of wales, Princess of Wales, Her Majesty (and Duchess of Edinburgh), Duke of Edinburgh.

When was the water day?
On March 22nd.

Sekarang oreo ulangtahun keberapa?
ke 100

Apa itu arab spring?
If I'm not mistaken, Arab Spring was... a group of several protests and strugglings occured in Arab countries. That occasions main intention were to realize more democracy in those Arab Countries.

Gempa di aceh berlokasi di.... dengan kekuatan....
di sekitar kab. Simeulue, NAD. kata BMKG 8,5 SR. kata Metro TV 8,9 SR. Kata Wikipedia 8,6 SR. Kata Dewi (dia liat di TPI, katanya waktu itu dia lagi nonton Shaun The Sheep hahaha) 8,8 SR. JADI YANG MANA NIH YANG BENER??? --> kemarin sampai debat di kelas gara-gara ini wkwk.

When was Osama bin Laden killed?
It was on May 2nd 2011, if I'm not mistaken.

Mention UK and US intelligent body! *abal english
UK : MI5, MI6. US : FBI, CIA. (the differences between them are still unclear for me)

AAAH fighthing!!!!!! semakin banyak baca, sepertinya semakin banyak yang saya tidak tahu. Btw, pardon my English. I know it's really messed up right now.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

random (again)

That awkward moment when you realize you have abnormal obsession toward asian guys who live outside their native country (really, it's not just Matahari). #colekAlya 

Feelings Analysis

Makasih ya Allah, untuk mengingatkanku kembali, tepat di saat ketika aku sudah hampir lupa seperti apa manisnya rasa bahagia itu.

But, still, I won't consider these strange matters as feelings. Insha Allah. Dia itu Maha pembolak balik hati, and He, surely, knows the best for me. I won't let myself doing the same mistake again, because those mistakes hurt really bad, took a lot of time and efforts to heal it.

A lesson learned today. Just do whatever your heart tells you, but don't forget the values you're holding on to. And the good thing is, I made some progresses. I talked with that person casually. I asked the things that I really want to know to that person, without impure intentions, Insha Allah. I even gave some complements to that person, even if that person didn't even realize it. And I tried to be independent. The most important thing is, I'm being honest with myself. This case is different from the old case, it's totally a different story, with different characters.

I won't expect anything. It may be sakali, but for real, I think it's too early to consider this matters as love. I'm just praying that one day, Allah will show me the best kind of perspective to see this matters. I was badly injured, though (maybe) no one know about it. I silently promised to myself that I would never, ever do something without giving my best efforts in it. Yeah, everything. Including in that what-so-called-feelings. I told myself, there's no way to go back to yesterday. But, if you want to, you can make a new ending today. 

Now, I'm not so sure about my feelings. I started to realize that up until now, I'm actually still up for looks. I see people from how they look, not from their true nature. He was the only one that I look for personality-sake, not for the sake of good looks. But now, since things already like this, I'm telling you : the only solution that I can think right now, is preventing myself from doing the same mistake over and over again. Yup, I'm going to restrain myself, now.

Rule : It isn't love if you only see them from their looks. They might be good looking, smart, and rich. But human get old fast, their good looks will vanish easily. And we won't spend long time on this temporary place. All I need is just an Imam to guide me to Jannah. Itu pun kalo saya masih diberi kesempatan hidup ya.

P.S. : kalau aku punya anak, aku mau namain mereka Abdurrahman, Muhammad, Aisyah, Hafshah! #khayalanmasadepanyangterlalujauh

Rise & Grind!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gila General Knowledge

1. Siapakah juara Piala Asia 2007? Mana kutahu? Irak. yang 2011 juaranya Jepang (4th time)
2. Sistem operasi Windows terbaru adalah... Windows 7
3. Indonesia terdiri dari berapa provinsi? 33 
4. Kerajaan Kelantan terletak di negara...Malaysia
5. "Piledriver" adalah nama gerakan dalam olahraga... ?
6. Film berpenghasilan paling tinggi dalam sejarah adalah... Gone With The Wind
7. Topan Katrina di Amerika Serikat menerjang wilayah... Bahamas, South Florida
8. Simbol partai NAZI yang kini dilarang di Jerman adalah berupa... lambang Swastika, yang biasa dikenal dengan hakenkreus atau salib yang berkait
9. GSM adalah singkatan dari...Global System for Mobile Communications, originally Groupe Spécial Mobile
10. Siapakah nama mahasiswa Indonesia berprestasi yang meninggal baru-baru ini di Singapura? David Hartanto Widjaja
11. CDMA adalah singkatan dari... code divison multiple access
12. Negara-negara yang dipimpin oleh Perdana Menteri adalah... Negara kerajaan? atau monarki parlementer?
13. Apakah yang dimaksud "Electoral Votes"? voting untuk presiden AS oleh badan yang berwenang #asal
14. Brussels adalah Ibu Kota dari... Belgia
15. Ibu Kota negara Swedia adalah... Stockholm
16. Sekjen PBB pertama dari Asia adalah... U Thant dari Burma yang menjabat pada tahun 1971 - 1981. ban kim moon is the second sekjen.
17. Unsur yang paling banyak terdapat di bumi adalah... airkah?
18. Peraih Nobel Perdamaian tahun 2007 adalah... Al Gore. Yang 2011 ada 3 ; Tawakkul Karman, Leymah Gbowee, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
19. Peuyeum adalah makanan khas dari daerah... Bandung, Jabar
20. Mata air Ciliwung teletak di... Bogor
21. Nama lengkap Barrack Obama adalah... Barrack Husein Obama, Jr.
22. Ibu Barrack Obama berasal dari... Hawaii, USA
23. Bill Gates adalah pendiri... Microsoft
24. "Unduh" adalah istilah Bahasa Indonesia yang berarti... download
25. Yang bukan merupakan situs social networking adalah... wikipedia
26. Tanggal berapa tsunami di Aceh terjadi? 26 Desember 2004
27. Tanggal berapa gempa di Pulau Nias terjadi? 28 Maret 2005
28. 1 + 1 x 0 x 1 + 1 = ...1
29. 0,5 / 0,5 = ...1
30. Petisi 50 terjadi pada masa presiden... Soekarno
31. Siapakah Kamen Rider pertama? Sang Legenda Belalang Atau The Legend Of Grasshopper. Pemainnya Adalah Ichigo Dan Nigo
32. Tanggal berapa peristiwa runtuhnya menara kembar World Trade Center? 11/09/01
33. Siapakah presiden Amerika Serikat yang tewas ditembak penembak jitu? John Fritzgerald Kennedy?
34. Siapakah presiden pertama Amerika Serikat? George Washington
35. Ponari berasal dari daerah... Jombang, Jatim
36. Apollo XI mendarat di bulan tanggal... 20 Juli 1969
37. Pendaratan Apollo XI di bulan terjadi pada masa pemerintahan presiden... JFK
38. Bugatti adalah produsen mobil yang berasal dari negara... Prancis
39. Tanggal berapa Amerika Serikat merdeka? July 4th 1776
40. "Windmill" adalah nama gerakan dari bidang... kincir anginkah?
41. Wiro Sableng memiliki nomor... 212
42. Juan Manuel Fangio adalah seorang... pembalap F1
43. Negara manakah yang bukan pendiri organisasi ASEAN? Timor Timur #yaiyalaaah
44. Terkait dengan perubahan iklim, para pemimpin dunia mengadakan pertemuan di Bali yang membahas tentang... Climate Change?
45. Yang bukan merupakan personil The Beatles adalah... Justin Bieber #yeh
46. Album "Minutes to Midnight" adalah milik... Linkin Park beybeeeh
47. Nama asli Ariel "Peterpan" adalah... Nazril Irham
48. Wakil presiden Indonesia ke-5 adalah... Sudharmono?
49. 1 MB = ... Kb ... 1000
50. Siapa sutradara film Ayat-Ayat Cinta? Hanung Brahmantyo
51. Siapa pengarang novel Ayat-Ayat Cinta? Habiburrahman L Shirazy
52. Untuk mengukur kedalaman air laut, peneliti bisa menggunakan gelombang... bunyi atau suara?
53. Michael Schumacher pensiun dari ajang balapan F1 sejak tahun... 2007, aktif lagi 2010. Mau pensiun lagi sekarang.
54. Organisasi golf profesional sedunia adalah... professional golf association
55. Di cabang tenis, ada berapa event "Grand Slam" dalam setahun? 4 grand slams (us open, australia open, french open, wimbledon)
56. Valentino Rossi lahir di kota... Urbino, Italia
57. Film yang paling banyak mendapatkan penghargaan Oscar 2009 adalah? Slumdog Millionaire. yang terbanyak 2012 (84th oscar)both the artist and hugo, they got 5 awards
58. Pemilu pertama Indonesia dilaksanakan tanggal... 29 September & 15 Desember 1955. #gataulohya
59. Partai politik peserta Pemilu 2009 berjumlah...38 partai politik nasional dan 6 partai politik lokal Aceh
60. Seto Mulyadi adalah ketua dari organisasi... Komnas Perlindungan Anak, sekarang ketuanya Merdeka Sirait
61. Zinedine Zidane lahir di... Marseille , Prancis
62. General Motors Company terdiri dari... Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, Vauxhall, and Holden, serta joint venture di cina : Shanghai GM and SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile
63. Pendiri Harley-Davidson adalah... William S. Harley , Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, William A. Davidson
64. Sepp Blatter adalah... presiden FIFA ke 8, sekarang masih menjabat (4th term). Vice president : Prince Ali bin Al Hussein of Jordan
65. Yang merupakan negara Sekutu adalah...Cina, Amerika, Guatemala (setelah pengeboman Pearl Harbor)
66. Apakah nama konser musik yang diselenggarakan di beberapa negara terkait dengan perubahan iklim? “Live Earth”
67. Perang Pasifik diawali oleh serangan Jepang ke... Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
68. Tembok Besar China didirikan pada Dinasti... Especially famous is the wall built between 220–206 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. Little of that wall remains. Since then, the Great Wall has on and off been rebuilt, maintained, enhanced; the majority of the existing wall was reconstructed during the Ming Dynasty.
69. Darth Vader berasal dari film... Star Wars
70. Candi Borobudur didirikan pada masa... 9th century during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty
71. Di antara mobil-mobil berikut, manakah yang memiliki kecepatan puncak paling tinggi? mana kutahu?
72. Mobil pertama ditemukan oleh...Ferdinand Verbiest
73. Internet adalah singkatan dari...internetwork
74. Timor Leste lepas dari pangkuan Ibu Pertiwi setelah diadakannya... voting
75. Mussolini adalah tokoh... diktator Italia, fasis (eh?)
76. Apakah yang dimaksud deposito? pengunci uang di bank (?) Produk jasa tabungan yang memiliki jangka waktu tertentu di mana uang di dalamnya tidak boleh ditarik nasabah. Deposito baru bisa dicairkan sesuai dengan tanggal jatuh temponya. Bila deposito dicairkan sebelum tanggal jatuh tempo, maka akan kena penalti.
77. Yang bukan merupakan nama pesawat tempur adalah... garuda indonesia #yakali
78. The Red Square terletak di negara... Russia, precisely at Moscow
79. Sidoarjo terletak di provinsi... Jawa Timur
80. Central Park terletak di kota... New York
81. Amerika Serikat memulai pertama kali melakukan invasi militer ke Irak tahun... 2003 (19 Maret)
82. Krisis global (2008) disebabkan oleh... permasalahan kegagalan pembayaran kredit perumahan (subprime mortgage default) di Amerika Serikat (AS), krisis kemudian menggelembung merusak sistem perbankan bukan hanya di AS namun meluas hingga ke Eropa lalu ke Asia. Secara beruntun menyebabkan effect domino terhadap solvabilitas dan likuiditas lembaga-lembaga keuangan di negara negara tersebut, yang antara lain menyebabkan kebangkrutan ratusan bank, perusahaan sekuritas, reksadana, dana pensiun dan asuransi. Krisis kemudian merambat ke belahan Asia terutama negara-negara seperti Jepang, Korea, China, Singapura, Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand termasuk Indonesia yang kebetulan sudah lama memiliki surat-surat beharga perusahaan-perusahaan tersebut.
83. Final Liga Champions 2008/2009 dilaksanakan di kota... Istanbul, Turkey. 20 May 2009 at the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium
84. Ketua KPU sekarang ini adalah... gatauuuu
85. Ketua PSSI sekarang ini adalah... Dr. Ir. Djohar Arifin Husin, sejak 9 Juli 2011. Sebelumnya Nurdin Halid
86. Ketua KPK... Abraham Samad
87. Menteri Pendidikan sekarang adalah... M nuh
88. Skyline adalah mobil buatan... Inggris
89. Manakah hewan yang bukan termasuk mamalia... ayam
90. Ular berkembang biak dengan cara... ovipar
91. Macan Tamil berada di... Sri Lanka--> ternyata ini organisasi militan yang didirikan pada tahun 5 Mei 1976 dengan tujuan utama untuk mendirikan negara Tamil yang merdeka dan berdaulat di sebelah timur laut Sri Lanka. 
92. John Lennon adalah seorang... musician, penyanyi, anggota the beatles
93. Chris John bertanding tinju di kelas... bulu?
94. Golden Boy adalah julukan milik... Oscar De La Hoya/samsul arifin
95. Hollywood berada di... Los Angeles
96. SARS adalah singkatan dari... Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
97. Flu Babi berasal dari...  H1N1
98. Berapa jumlah negara di dunia? 196, yang masuk PBB 193
99. Berapa jumlah negara bagian Amerika Serikat? 50
100. Yang bukan merupakan lagu dari Rhoma Irama adalah... Demi Cinta
101. Pemegang rekor dunia lari 100 meter adalah... Usain Bolt
102. Air Force One adalah... kode panggilan di pesawat untuk Presiden AS
103. Pembukaan Olimpiade 2008 dilaksanakan di stadion... The Beijing National Stadium, dubbed "The Bird's Nest"
104. Lagu kebangsaan Perancis adalah... La Marseillaise
105. TBC adalah penyakit yang menyerang... pernafasan
106. S.W.A.T. adalah singkatan dari... special weapons and tactics
107. Sudahkah Anda nonton pilem "Borat - Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan"? beluuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

Akhirnya, setelah googling jawaban... MASIH ADA YANG BELUM TERJAWAB, READERS! Maukah membantu? Hehe~

Eh iya, ini ada conversation saya sama Hazrina

H : Bew, nama latin Tomcat apa coba?
B : ada huruf 'P' nya!
H : Yak! Benar!
B : ada huruf 'S'nya! ada huruf 'R'! Ada huruf 'A'!
H : benaaar!
B : jawabannya apa sih Zrin? -_-
H : Paederus Fuscipes!
B : Wuess. coba-coba, tanya aku tentang Basic Science!
H : astronot rusia pertama yang ke Bulan siapa?
B : hmm.... pasti bukan Neil Armstrong.
H : bukan..
B : siapa?? aku nyerah.
H : Yuri Gagarin!
B : oiya, astagfirullah! eh nama vokalisnya Panic! at the Disco juga Yuri kan?
H : *mengedikkan bahu* *menyebrang*


Thursday, April 05, 2012

Describe X-5 in 5 minutes!

Nama lainnya SEMANGKOK BAKSO atau SEMANGKA. Wali kelas X-5 itu Pak Heri Reksa, who is also our chem teacher. Iya, Pak Heri yang itu, yang strong nyemprot gas ke listrik yang waktu itu korslet di SMANSA, yang unyu gimanaaa gitu kalau pake seragam pramuka (Pak Heri itu pembina LSWK :D), yang pernah nyeletuk 'ga punya pulsaaa' dengan mimik ngocol. Siswa-siswi kelas X-5 yang berjumlah 35 itu almost semuanya unyu-unyu dan cerdas-cerdas :D heheee nggak ada modus kok, sumpah!

Alhamdulillah, yang masuk buat olimpiade provinsi dari X-5 ada 4 orang, dan beda-beda bidangnya. Ada yang astro, kebumian, matematika, biologi~ Udah gitu ya, di kelas X-5, baru kali ini saya itu nge-treat anak-anak cowok sebagai 'teman sekolah beneran' yang sering saya sapa, cukup sering ngobrol dan nyeletuk bareng. FYI, saya dari dulu selalu nge-treat cowok sekedar 'partner belajar' yang hanya saya ajak ngomong jika harus ngerjain tugas bareng. Tapi... kebanyakan cowok suka riweuh kalo ditagihin uang kas #curhat. Terus yang perempuannya juga cantik-cantik, baik-baik, dan.... STRONG!!! hehehe. Oiya, barang sering sekali disappear secara misterius di kelas. Spidol ilang, sapu hilang, model bangun ruang hilang -_- Both cowok dan ceweknya well-planned (tadi aja udah pada ngerencanain acara perpisahan kelas, padahal UTS aja belom :p) dan kompak (kita sering lho, kompak nonton film bareng, dari 3 idiots sampe yang bunuh-bunuhan). Danu yang paling cepat habis di sini itu bakpau coklat DKM (dalam 10 menit bisa kosong) dan risol mayo (kurang dari 5 menit, biasanya sudah ludes.)

X-5 is fine the way it is. Not less, nor much. Everything is lengkap enough. Ada yang pintar, ada yang 'alim, ada yang suka bilang "tiga, dua, satu. Tetooooot. MANDI MADU!", ada yang lucu, ada yang jago main gitar (they can  play Mr. Brightside and Iris, OMG....), ada yang jago alat musik klasik, ada yang jago gambar perspektif, ada yang jago bikin komik, ada yang jago bikin gambar chibi, ada yang jago bikin presentasi, ada yang jago mate,ada yang jago fisika, ada yang jago kimia, ada yang jago bio, ada yang jago English, ada yang "sering bercanda dan susah bayar danu tapi sebenernya cerdas", ada yang popular, ada yang rajin, ada yang serbabisa, ada yang jago masak, ada yang suka banget sama MEME (itu looh, yang kayak FUUUUUUUU), ada yang cowok tapi suka muji cowok, ada yang tertarik sama politik, ada yang suka baca novel, ada yang sendu menawan (ini buat CEWEK loh ya), ada yang cepet banget larinya, ada yang jago nyanyi, ada yang tegas, ada yang jago basket, ada yang sering bolak-balik ke hutan dan gunung, ada yang jago fotografi dan editing, ada yang bakal nraktir i-Pad buat sekelas kalau ulangtahun, ada yang jago baris berbaris, ada yang suka nyan cat, ada yang suka kucing, ada yang takut kucing, ada yang jago sepak bola, ada yang suka annoying orange (sebenernya sekelas suka sih,), ada yang update soal gadget, ada yang suka anime dan manga (otaku) , ada yang suka bikin fanfic, ada yang suka blogging, ada yang suka fudul & blogwalking, ada yang bisa menjahit, ada yang bikin novel, ada yang jago mengarang, ada yang hobi tweeting, ada yang suka main game online, ada yang nggak bosen-bosennya tiap istirahat main game soccer di komputer kelas, ada yang suka ke perpus,  ada yang suka ke mushola, ada yang bisa bawa motor segede ninja, dll....

Yang pasti, kita semua senang sama annoying orange (bahkan pernah pas pelajaran Bu Jasmi, ada yang lagi ga konek terus diteriakin whasssupppp??! ala annoying orange haha), senang nyanyi snape - snape - severus snape , senang liburan :p and Insya Allah, in the next 10 years, they all will be great successors of the world. Amin.

Huuuu, sayangnya aku gabisa ketemu teman-teman sekelasku yang unyu yang besok T______T  #lebay

I Was A Brutal Cheater Back Then*lol*

Just like, several days ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine.

Friend : I was innocent when I was an elementary school students, boro-boro, I know nothing about cheating in exam or anything like that.
Me : *surprised* What? I was a brutal one when it comes to cheating, and my brutal cheating habit occured when I was still an elementary school student.
Friend : Really? Me myself started to cheat at junior high, and became faithful (tobat) again at the nineth grade.
Me : I see... well, it's kinda the same for me too. I got so brutal at cheating that now I couldn't even recognize my bad habit back then. But thanks to spensa incredible teachers, good environment and all my good friends there, I could consistently reducing my cheating habit and my other bad habits until now.


So...... yeah. I'm that kind of person who unfortunately got brutal too early HAHAHA (OKAY THAT'S NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF, BEW) But Allah is so kind that He often made me in the tobat mood and always give that 'kesadaran' thingy to many people.

Aku ingat, nyontek terakhir kalo gasalah itu nyontek akbar pas ulangan bahasa sunda pas kelas 8. Muahaha. Ya kali, yang ngawas waktu itu wali kelas saya pas kelas 8, udah gitu si Ibu malah bilang "ya udah sana, kerja sama. Tapi jangan berisik". YA KALI. Udah gitu ya, guru bahasa Sunda kelas 8 semester dua itu musuhin kelas saya habis-habisan, tanpa alasan yang benar-benar jelas. Jadi waktu itu nyonteknya dalam bentuk revenge, dan kalaupun ga nyontek teteeeeuup aja kedengeran satu ruangan jawabannya, orang nyonteknya pada teriak-teriak *self defense*. Dari 32 anak, yang innocent waktu itu kayaknya cuma Irin dan Hazrin hehe. (bayangin, Danin aja nyontek mabrooow. Kurang 'akbar' apalagi?) Jadi no matter what, nilai rapor saya yang paling murni itu nilai rapor kelas 9. Dan the good thing is, nilai rapor kelas 9 semester 2 naik habis-habisan, (setelah nilai rapor kelas 9 semester 1 didiskon alias turun habis-habisan -_-) Ah, Allah memang the best, ngasih wali kelas pas kelas 9 sebaik Bu TM! :)

Udah ah. Kok jadi pamer nilai rapot. (lah, siapa yang mulai?)

Oiya. Sekarang tanggal 5 April.

Dan sekarang, harusnya hp saya protes.

Karena masa tenggangnya starts today.

Tapi untung Ibu udah ngisi pulsanya.