Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Don't Let Me Go

You try so hard, to hide your scars
I wonder if my words are makin' any difference
I dream and then it seems to end
But always comes again
Don't, don't let me go.

It just takes a second for me to love this song. I heard this fresh yet cool song right when I got bored with those all partying song that to me, sounds the same. So I was like, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! that song is soooo meee!"

Just spend some minutes to watch the vid. Yeah, this video is dedicated to the victim of Human Trafficking. Some people said the shooting of some scenes in the video took place in Asia (they said it took place in Philippines) It just awful that people, even the government doesn't seem to be really care of Human Trafficking. Don't you know it's not just a simple problem? The music video reminded me of how Indonesian government can't even protect the Indonesian Laborer (TKI) whose dying on the outside of their origin country.

This song is really opened my eyes, and the vid is definitely deserves more views than JB or Rebecca Black had. Omg, I really want to be a diplomat and bringing home lots of TKI, especially the female laborer.

P.S. : the click five also give us a link to a website that let us to have this song for free. This is the link And don't forget to listen to other song of the click five, like just the girl. It's awesome.

K Bye,

Bezta :)

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  1. Asli. Kemaren sempet kaget pas buka blog ini tiba-tiba speaker bunyi lagu 'sweet pea'

    Muahahahaha -__-