Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The True Personality of PM.

Even the most graceful person like Rasulullah have so many haters until now, and he didn't even hate them. And that line, "No worldly duties could keep him busy." I feel so useless because I'm not that busy, yet I often procastinated the prayers and rarely reciting Qur'an. All this time, I've been ignoring my own God. Astagfirullahal'adzim.

Hate cartoon for Islam and Prophet Muhammad.(I make the size smaller because it was unappropriate, actually) 
Oh, haters.

There are 2 things that I wanna say over that hate cartoon.

First of all, don't ever judge someone if you don't have any scientific evidence. Read the Qur'an instead. The true Islam itself, actually, really appreciate women, see terrorism as a very awful thing, and Prophet Muhammad himself used to get along with his neighbours, no matter what their religion are. He didn't force them to convert to Islam.

And, the perspective those racist people had for Islam doesn't even close to true. Just because we're moslem, then it doesn't mean we're terrorist. And ya, just by now, I found out that actually, some of Jewish people in Israel didn't really hate moslem, they didn't support the Kabbalah thingy & the blockade over Palestine. (don't bring Obama over this, I'll get mad. hehe)

Really, we should never stereotyped people.

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