Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What happens in Bogor?

What happens in Bogor? (:

Well, in Bogor, precisely in my school, some of exam's grade are already out, and I'll tell you some of them.

For my US (School Examination), what scares me the most is my Penjaskes/P.E. written test score. I have estimated my grades for the Penjaskes Written Test, and the grade could be under 70! Oh my, I admit it, I didn't study a lot for the test, because I was focused on study PLH. I accept grade around 70, but, hah, please not under 70. THIS GRADE WOULD BE INCLUDED AT MY IJAZAH! O.O

And, fortunately, I got 74 :DDDDDDDD. well, this is the first time ever I get so happy when I got 70 on my test at spensa, but whatever. I get 74, not under 70.... YAY! *dancing*

Yah, meskipun temen temen pada dapet diatas 80 semua, dan kkm penjaskes sebenarnya 83, biarkanlah. 74, aku cinta kau, *smooch*


US PAI? Don't ask me for it. My grades stuck in ** (grade censored), just like the last semester test and the current mid-test grade. UTS a.k.a. Mid Test? Uh-Oh. Science are the worst. Biology and Physics are the same, I get both 60 at that subject. What the.

TO kota a.k.a Try Out for the Bogor City Region? SCIENCE ARE STILL THE WORST! Kayaknya science saya ga pernah lebih dari tujuh deh, big please. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

UN tinggal 20 hari-an lagi!!!!! SEMANGAT!


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