Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lyrics Tributed To Televison

Ku berlari (Bewew) kau terdiam (Acara TV gak mutu) 
Ku menangis (Bewew) kau tersenyum (Acara TV gak mutu) 
Ku berduka (Bewew) kau bahagia (Acara TV gak mutu) 
Ku pergi (Bewew) kau kembali (Acara TV gak mutu) 
Ku coba  meraih mimpi (Bewew)
Kau coba ‘tuk hentikan mimpi (Acara TV gak mutu) 
Memang kita takkan menyatu (Bewew dan Acara TV gak mutu)

Wkwk whatever. Just some stuff from my silly thoughts (again). Oh btw, I'm learning the British Accent right now, my tutor is youtube :p I think I'm gonna choose to learn the London's British Accent. Haha.

Just 8 hours away from OASE (Olah Akhlaq Generasi Emas) 2013 that will take place in Cipayung! Can't wait to participate on it! Bismillah~ Hope all the best for OASE 2013 :) May Allah bless all our activities there, Amen.

my group's logo for OASE :D

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