Saturday, February 02, 2013

Weekly Notes

Done :
  • 2 more letters to be given! (out of 20 letters, yay!)
  • Holding the first mission of 'orientation' succesfully
  • Got to know some of British Accent and Dialects. Omg, I don't even know how Mr. Martin could tell the difference between Irish, Welsh, Yorkshire, Newcastle and normal English accent. (he himself had the Yorkshire accent, which still use Thee and Thou in most of the conversation there)
  • Re-study grammar and tenses. Past tense, As if/as though, Conditional if, etc.
  • Social acts. 
  • Answering a surprising question (Bew, why don't you wear niqab?) from a male classmate at school by a simple yet convincing answer. Alhamdulillah.
  • Be cool when a teacher asked me, "Who do you like? A, B, or C (mentioning the name of three leaders, boys, in an extracurricular that I joined)" and I was like, "Mmmmm I like the first treasurer instead!" . (The first treasurer is a girl who is also happenned to be my classmate. And we were just chuckling at each other at that time :D)
  • Editing group's photo at the OASE 2013. Wanna see the photo? call me maybe #eh

Postponed :
  • memorized all verses of Asy-Syams.
  • Giving back a friend's pen.
  • Liqo :(
  • Giving back a friend's biology notes.

Next projects :
  • Both physical and physics exercises (if you know what I mean. Hehehe)
  • Study for Physics and electronic skill exam
  • Chemistry, biology, history homework.
  • Sundanese project : interview about a cultural place.
  • Begin to study the seventh chapter of Math and do exercise one.
  • Searching about the war in Mali. And why does France is involved? (this is the real version of 'kopong')
  • Buy white veils and uniforms. 
  • Go to Al Amin with Syl! 
  • 2 more letters to be given! (out of 20 letters, yay!)
  • Create weekly schedule for DANU MEKAH
  • Attend the substitution class for Physics
  • Finish the task from the 'leader'.  
  • Help the coordinator of ARAFAH with their 'LPJ' and so on...
  • Try to read the Physics book for A Level in SMANSA's library. Just try. 
  • Gather all the new members of DKM again. 
  • Memorize min. 3 verses of Qur'an each day.
  • Asking the development of each department. 
  • Sending motivational quotes and verses!

Result of This Week's 'Kepo-ing' :
  • Found out that someone with the initial M currently studying in ITB. His major is MANAGEMENT --> speaking of which, Management in ITB = most likely to be SBM ITB. I AM SO GOING TO BE PANIC. 
  • Found a full scholarship for undergraduates to study in the UK. (and my heart was beating fast. Bulu kuduk berdiri. Siapkah kau, Bew?)
  • Found undergraduate scholarship from Singapore (called Singapore Cooperating Program, if I'm not mistaken) and the scholarship won't require us to have 'job contract' in Singapore, we could go home directly once we finish our education there.
  • Kim Kardashian's pregnant! #okthisisnotsoimportant
  • There is a case where an UK woman who just got back from work whose face was thrown acid by somebody wearing niqab in the night, a very late one (look at The case looks suspicious, and since in UK there are barely women with niqab that go out alone at night. So I have an instinct that there might be someone, which could be man or woman, and maybe he/she is not even moslem, wearing that niqab and throwing that acid. I have so many speculations over the motives of this case, but I won't say anything since this case hasn't developed yet. But I do feel sorry for the victim, since this far, she doesn't look like she has any problem with anyone. I hope she get better soon.

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