Thursday, January 09, 2014

D is for.... Diamond

by Bewizta Hasyyati

Diamond is precious, shiny,
irreplaceable; it must be kept
hidden and treasured. One does not
simply wrap it in a tawdry,
see-through piece of garment. No, dear,
that does not live up to the right,
the honor that a diamond should have
being treated with.

A tiny, soft opaque pouch,
made out of covering velvet.
That, is something which will
keep the diamond safe, and at the
same time, it gives the diamond the treatment
it should have gotten.

A woman is like a diamond.
Women are God's special creation.
Every break, cut from life will only
reveal her beauty and
brilliance more.

Oh my dear, give her,
give the woman,
the treatment she


The first (niat) poem that I've ever written!!! Tadinya udah capek gitu kan, ini apaan sih kok tugasnya nulis puisi mulu -___- pas brainstorming, terlintas kata "diamond" dan kepikiran.... HIJAB! Semangat '45 langsung membara. Hahaha.

There's always time for true writer to write every single day... meski belum belajar buat ulangan English, masih numpuk 20 quizzes dan projects dari Creative Writing at Virtual School, keteteran portofolio Newspaper, newsletter yang baru sampai di bagian 'niat' dan H-22 lomba Business Calculation (belum belajar apa2 brotahhhhh)

Ayo, jadi muslim jangan males... Fighting, y'all!!!


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