Monday, February 07, 2011

Socially Awkward

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You check your phone, because you have nothing to contribute to the conversation.

Wait for the right time to say something, you get interrupted. Twice.

Someone you vaguely know is walking in front of you. You maintain distance.

Hold the door for some. They’re slightly too far away.

Someone comes online, you say “hey”, they go offline.

You go in for the high-five. Other person isn’t looking.

Accidentally look someone in the eye. Pretend to look past them.

You say something stupid. You play it down, but everyone sees your face going red.

You say “hi” to someone. It comes out as a whisper.

Your friends formed a circle while you were gone. You can’t fit and end up standing slightly

Waiting by yourself for friends. Pretend you’re texting.

You tell a hilarious joke. Nobody laughs.

You’re in class and you want to cough. Some other person just coughed, now you have to wait.

The person in front is walking slightly slower than you are. You walk at an uncomfortable speed to get past them.

Getting ready to go get a tissue in class, and someone just got up and grabbed a tissue so you have to sit back down.

When someone’s phone rings and you check yours, and they give you a weird look because its not even your ring tone.

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