Friday, April 13, 2012

Gila General Knowledge #2

Who is Bruno Mars real name?
*cengo* *open wikipedia* It's Peter Gene Hernandez.

How old is christopher drew ingle?
*googling* He's currently 21 years old. His b'day is on February 11th :)

When was the date of Prince William wedding? Where? What's the 'gelar' of him after married? What's the real last name of Prince William?
April 29th 2011, on westminister Abbey. Duke of Cambridge. Mountbatten-Windsor.

What's the 'gelar' of Prince Charles, Lady Diana, Queen, and his husband?
Prince of wales, Princess of Wales, Her Majesty (and Duchess of Edinburgh), Duke of Edinburgh.

When was the water day?
On March 22nd.

Sekarang oreo ulangtahun keberapa?
ke 100

Apa itu arab spring?
If I'm not mistaken, Arab Spring was... a group of several protests and strugglings occured in Arab countries. That occasions main intention were to realize more democracy in those Arab Countries.

Gempa di aceh berlokasi di.... dengan kekuatan....
di sekitar kab. Simeulue, NAD. kata BMKG 8,5 SR. kata Metro TV 8,9 SR. Kata Wikipedia 8,6 SR. Kata Dewi (dia liat di TPI, katanya waktu itu dia lagi nonton Shaun The Sheep hahaha) 8,8 SR. JADI YANG MANA NIH YANG BENER??? --> kemarin sampai debat di kelas gara-gara ini wkwk.

When was Osama bin Laden killed?
It was on May 2nd 2011, if I'm not mistaken.

Mention UK and US intelligent body! *abal english
UK : MI5, MI6. US : FBI, CIA. (the differences between them are still unclear for me)

AAAH fighthing!!!!!! semakin banyak baca, sepertinya semakin banyak yang saya tidak tahu. Btw, pardon my English. I know it's really messed up right now.

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