Friday, April 13, 2012


This is one of the evidences that I have some weird obsession toward "asian guys who live in foreign country"

His stage name is Jun Curry Ahn. He was born on 1993. He's korean and moved to US at 2001 (the same year as Matahari then!!) He currently goes to Northwestern University (maybe in Illinois). He's residing in Evanston, Illinois. He join dance group in his university, and he can dance to some K-Pop music, he can play guitar, he loves his li'l cousin, he's good at photography and of course, he MASTERED VIOLIN. Oh ya, he started to learn violin at 5th grade, and he named his violin as Debby :3 he loves his violin sooooo much.

This. Is. Too. Adorable.

his little cousin and him :)

And he had glasses, that surprisingly looks kinda same as mine. Lol. And musicians always look more captivating, aren't they?

This is Debby :D She is very lovely..

My favourite violin cover of him is the Safe and Sound cover, which in it, he dueted with his talented college friend, who is also happened to be korean.

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