Monday, August 01, 2011

Songs to Learn @ piano

I'll learn those songs at piano because they're so good and I love them sooo much!

100 years by Five For Fighting

Make You Feel My Love - Adele

One Last Cry - Brian Mcknight

My Memory by Ryu

Only Hope by Switchfoot (but the piano version sang by Mandy Moore)

and of course, Yiruma's songs. His piano sonata is sooo beautiful and I love most of his songs like On the Way, Kiss the Rain, May Be, River Flows in You, Love Me, If I Could See You Again (it keep reminding me of Matahari!!!!) and When the Love Falls. But Yiruma's a true pianist, so I guess I'll be kinda troubled when reading the music sheets.

Pray for me, okay? hehe :B

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