Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Istana Bogor Open 2010

Today, my friends (irin, ajeng, alya, mega, aldel and lucky) and I joined the event for celebrated the anniversary of bogor city, that's Istana Bogor Open. Ya, that means we could went in to the Bogor Palace (Istana Bogor) for free. Yay! we're so excited about it. but , it seems like everything didn't support us to go to Istana Bogor. Like : today , bogor was raining so hard from the early morning, there were so much visitor who visited Istana Bogor, and many more. but we decided, it's now or never. then we went to Bogor DPRD building for registered. we got the ticket dan kita dicap. mega dan lucky nekat dicap di pipi. so brave .. :o

we went to Istana Bogor at session 11.30 . I wasn't really happy, because it still raining and there was soooo many junior high schooler from the other school. and i HATE the boy, of course. because most of them are scary. and maybe naughty. like to tease girl. the conclusion is... They are all annoy me. i don't have any possible reason, but don't know, i just don't like 'em.

in Istana Bogor, we took a lot of pic. the view is really amazing, even the rain was just happened. hehe, FYI this is my first experience went to Istana Bogor. yeah, I lived in Bogor for almost 12 years (since 1998) but never visited Istana Bogor. how pathetic. but now, i've already do that! :) we were still take photo until the staff of Istana Bogor Open said that we should hurry because we better to looked inside the building of Istana Bogor. Then we went to that building. That buildings are so cool! there are so many rooms. my favourite is the movie room one. there are so many book and there are 2 rooms that comfortable to read book. Irin and I sure wanna stay. but our journey was still long.

we also visited the room where ex-President of America, George Bush, welcomed there. it called as Garuda Room. and there is a corridor (i've forgot where is the corridor) that have a thousand mirror. that mirror have so many reflected shadow. as the #1 fans of mirror, i heart that mirror soooo much! but we have to go. bye bye mirror...

then we went to outdoor (again). then took photos (again). we also passed the famous river that connected Istana Bogor to Bogor Botanical Garden. after took photos and got yelled by the operator (because we're so slow when we took photos) we went home with miserable feelings. we still wanna stayed here! oh yeah, we went out from Istana Bogor through Botanical Garden. Then we walked to school , but Irin and I took angkot hehehe. then Irin , Ajeng and I planned to visited Istana Bogor again at Monday. Ya, Istana Bogor Open is still opened until Wednesday (June 23th 2010) But they closed every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So, better watch out the time! Hurry!

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