Friday, June 11, 2010

philatelis wannabe

i'm attracted to philateli and all about it. since when? this afternoon.

friday afternoon, we were finishing our exam :) then wedar and eca asked irin and me to join them to post office to bought world cup stamp. i think i also want to bought it, so i joined them. irin and ajeng also followed them to the post office. then we walked from school to post office, even though is a bit far, i didn't feel tired anyway. but... when we arrived in post office, the employee of philateli isn't at the office, because he was prayed jumat. so, we waited for him. but after waited for about 30 minutes, there's no sign that the employee will come. so we decided to pray dzuhur first. aah , fortunately after we pray dzuhur, the philateli's employee came and we asked the price of the stamp. the stamp price is rp. 1500/stamp, and the stamp has 4 diferent image. but if you bought the world cup booklet that cost rp. 6000/pc, you'll get 4 stamp and get a booklet that contain post card. with that post card we can join the world cup lottery. more profit, right?

but there's another thing that made irin and me feel w-o-w. there's world cup edition first day of issue. it only distributed for 4000 pieces and it cost Rp. 8000. but, did you know what first day of issue is?

if you don't know, then find it at wikipedia *kidding LOL

first day of issue or in indonesian is sampul hari pertama, diterbitkan bersamaan dengan terbitnya Prangko Peringatan/Istimewa baru, di kanan atas bag. depan memuat satu atau beberapa prangko baru yang dicap Hari Terbit Pertama, bagian kiri atas depan ada lukisan, tulisan sesuai dengan maksud penerbitan.

akhirnya, ajeng sama wedar beli booklet plus sampul hari pertama, sementara irin dan eca beli sampul hari pertama piala dunia.

this is the "sampul hari pertama" of world cup

but i have bought two "sampul hari pertama". first, i bought the "sampul hari pertama" of world cup. but i saw another cute "sampul hari pertama" . this is the view :

aaargh error! then i'll update tomorrow ok?

byebye :D

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