Thursday, June 17, 2010

just another day

"Just another day
It started out like any other
Just another BOY (the true lyrics is girl hehe)
Who took my breath away
Then she turned around
She took me down
Just another day that I
Had the best day of my life"
(best day of my life-jesse mccartney)

well, hello :) i just had latest story for you you you haha. in a form of poems :D

once upon a night
in a room
we're together , we're glanced each other
but didn't dare to speak, stare each other
no maybe it just my feelings that
he looked into mine

the other side of my heart says : no! he looked into me, really!
but one side said : nope. he looks into his friends that sit right beside me
*oh my, geer sekali haha.

when we're outing from that room, his gesture was strange, not as usual
when we were at different room
i was talking to my friend (gurl)
he was doing something (i couldn't tell, it's internet, baby :D)
he seems that he wanna joined our conversation
but i pretend
that i dunno anything

he was unpatient
so he interrupt our chit chat
and approached us
i'm a bit nervous you know

BUT the reality is ... he was making me and my friends ANNOYED -___- HELL-O , he was moving our page that we interesting on it. OH MY GOD! REALLY YOU ARE TRULY INSANE, APIRANG!
i'll kill you next time


  1. arrived at your blog. come to visit mine??

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