Saturday, November 05, 2011

Don't You Dare Touch My Kerupuk

Don’t you dare touch my kerupuk
Don’t you even put the thought on your mind
I’m gonna cut your chest open,
feed your heart to the lions at the zoo.

Don’t you even touch my kerupuk
Don’t you even have the thought on your heart
I’m gonna cut your head open,
Take your brain out, shove it back to your behind

I love my kerupuk
They’re like my flesh and blood

Stay off my kerupuk
Or you won’t sleep so well at night
You’ll have nightmares for as long that you’re alive

Itu lagunya Adhitia Sofyan :p funny song with a galau melodies *oooops* Rada kejem emang ya cuma buat sebuah kerupuk lol. Tapi kerupuk itu emang one of the best food that ever invented XD NEED IT NOW!! Btw, november feels like heaven, you know, because the cold wind started to blow periodically, and right now, mangoes are everywhere ~(‾▿‾~)

p.s. : Wish me luck for my 'susulan' examinations! Omg, I haven't done 3 exams. Oh maaaaaaan.

Salam matahari!! ☼☼☼


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