Tuesday, August 31, 2010


i feel so lonely NOW. everyone seems like they had friends, and i feel like i'm the only one who haven't got any friend yet. how pathetic is that :/ uh uh uh. at least, mr ordinary and I keep eye-contacting wahaha. we don't speak a lot, but yea (don't know it's just my feelings or real happened) we're just gazing to each other--sometimes--but then ended with one of us starting to look away into other sides. really make me a lot happier, even it just happened for about 2 seconds.

love, huh? doesn't it amazing and unreasonable?

oyeah, i remembered, last thursday in TBI, I was filling a paper, titled "romantic agents" or smth like that. i filled it with Via, one of my coursemate. when we arrived in tabs "what you wanna do with him?" there are some options, just like : gaze, dance, grow old, rehabiting, married, have a child --> uh oh, etc. Via want to check the dance option, but I absolutely love the "gaze" one. Miss Raisa told me that i was weird. "you just want to be in a room with him and gazing to each other? that's it?"

YEAH MISS! All that I wanna do with my crush is JUST THAT! it's really funny and make me happy! gazing is better than dancing or reproducing child -_- by the way, now in my school, we're learning about reproduction (AGAIN) at biology. oh my god. in other class, maybe it'd be disguisting material, but in my class, we're laugh out loud when our teacher explained that material.

bu noor said "ini testis. yang bentuknya bulet bulet bagaikan biji bla bla bla " WAHAHAHA ngakak kita semua. terus pas bu noor nanya, "sperma dimatenginnya dimana?"

si bagas adyaksa dengan polosnya jawab "digoreng bu," gedubrak *ketawa guling guling*

oiya sama pas si ibu lagi ngejelasin testis, tiba tiba si bagas (lagi) bilang TARAAAA sambil tangannya dikembangkan gaje gitu wkwk. ya allah, kerasukan apa kamu nduk? *geleng geleng kepala*

omg, i'm in a hurry! must go to tbi now! ciao :*



  1. haha, itu yang biologi kemarin ya bew..
    si ibu kalo waktu sistem eksresi ga mau ngejelasin. lah, ini kalau materi ini malah detail bgt :)