Wednesday, September 01, 2010

got no crush

yea. i make a hard decision today. we're heading to the point. yeah, i decided to stop crushing in Mr Ordinary. why?

i've got many reasons, of course. but i just wanna write the main reason.

he seems likes the other girl.

no, no. the girl seems likes him.

NO! They're not like that. really, this time it's just my intuition. that reasons is totally WRONG. or.. maybe not hehe. Only Allah know. but don't know why, i just don't feel to struggle my feelings on him. just don't feel right.

ha-ha -_- bagus sekali bukan? dulu saya pernah nyeletuk, "ih, pengen sekali sekali nggak punya kecengan sama sekali," and it happens to me now. i don't have any crush. precisely, my 4 crushes is going away. far far away. they're heading back to their home in mars (remember the book men are from mars women are from venus?) okay, i know it's too over. i'm stress. Atas? he may recognize me, but he isn't now me very well. Apirang? he is being cold to me lately. he's just.. changed. no kidding, but wait, he never be like this to me before he knew who Atas really is. does it means..?

yea, you know what i'm going to say. maybe he's jealous. HAHA silly right? no wonder he'll jealous for me. hey, he have been crushing in other girl, and I know who the girl is. but... i just heard from my friend, that Apirang doesn't like the girl anymore. HEY but he said to me, that he's still likes that girl! you lie to me, apirang!!!

NC? i decided to stop doing "pdkt" things with him since I really sure that he likes another girl. and the girl seems to likes him too, even they're not dating. Mr Ordinary? Nothing wrong with him, i just... i just can't continue this. am i a loser?

okay, I oficially single now. oops, i mean i always single, i never been in any kind of relationship (except with alya) NEVER. so, i mean, i got no crush now.

today, there were biology subjects (again) studying reproduction (again) and bagas makes a jokes (again) Bu Noor showed us some slides, and the pictures at the slides is DISGUISTING, especially the Male Reproduction one. the picture is the way too clear. i can see it clearly. then it make sense of course hahaha.

i got no crush! yippie! --> being crazy

SAVH (single and very hungry)


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