Tuesday, November 16, 2010

YE to the AH

Oh meeeeen HAHA finally the 900th! XD thank you for visiting. gracias. arigatō gozaimasu. merci . MA to the KASIH. MAKASIIIIIH :)

well, I'll have a-day-holiday tomorrow, because in my country it's a Idul Adha Day (I BELIEVE that Idul Adha supposed to be today, because Idul Adha supposed to be a day after the hajj did wukuf (it's like praying) at Arafah and they have already did it at Monday.) Our government date system is really confusing -_-

Let's say it again ; Tommorow is a free day and that means that I got to be posting a lot ;D yeaaay. But why can't it be a-week-full-holiday?! ----> I know I'm a bit ungrateful :p


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