Friday, November 12, 2010

Last Time

I saw BBM's fb again. and you know what? there's 2 news. The good one and the bad one.

Okay, starting from the good one. I KNOW BBM'S BIRTH DATE!!! MAY 15TH!!! uuuuuu mirip sama Atas (May 6) uuu uuu uu uuuuuuu ~

Okay. Stop that.

And the bad one is...

I think BBM got a girlfriend.

It just my prediction but.. I've got some things to prove. Btw, his girlfriend named Jul****. She's blonde, white and very beautiful.

Jul : Kamu duduk di sampingku, dan kamu sangat baik dan manis! kamu nyanyiin "Dj Got Us Falling in Love" :) haha. loser! anyway, makasih untuk berlaku manis!
BBM : haha. aku menikmatinya :) Minggu depan kamu duduk di sebelahku :p
Jul : bagaimana dengan minggu depan, mungkin aku akan duduk, kamu duduk di sampingku? atau kita tidak akan duduk bersebelahan?
BBM : Damn.. Kalau gitu aku nggak punya pilihan lain. Kalau aku nggak duduk di samping kamu, kamu bakal sedih dan menjulurkan lidah kepadaku dari seberang ruangan :/
Jul : Nggak! aku ga bakalan sedih, kalau kamu nggak duduk di sampingku aku cuma akan kecewa dengan keputusanmu.
BBM : Haha lucu.. well tentunya aku nggak akan mau membuat Nona Jul**** kecewa. Lagian, kamu ga akan pernah bertemu dengan teddy bear-ku padahal dia sangat ingin bertemu denganmu (dan dengan beruangmu yang nggak punya nama)
Jul : Dia terlalu spesial untuk dikasih nama! Jadi setuju ya. Dan nggak, kamu nggak akan mau mengecewakanku :)

are these things can be count as friends? okay, I know, in his wall, there isn't too much wall from that girl called 'Jul'. But it's just the way too suspicious.

1. Teddy Bear? Each of them have same teddy bear? Doesn't it means like "Couple Thingy"? Doesn't it means that they are dating?
2. Singing "DJ Got Us Falling in Love"? Doesn't it means like "confessing" or something like that?
3. Sitting next to each other? Always? IT MEANS THAT THEY ARE REALLY A COUPLE!
4. 3 people liking their conversation on facebook. And the peoples who like it are the best friends of BBM. Isn't it just the way too strange? If they're just usual friends, there will be no people who like their conversation.

Ah, Astagfirullahaladzim. This is the REAL nightmare. Every guy which I've been crushing on is dating or liking another girl. NC, Mr Ordinary, FND (even FND got a new gfriend this week --> I just coincidentally heard it from my friends. I'm not stalking FND!) and now, BBM. And now, what can I do more? I just sitting in front of my computer and slowly hit the table while saying, "it's unfair. Nggak adil. Why can he do that mean things to me...?"

oh -_- kenapa aku harus ikut ke halal bihalal itu?? kenapa harus ada yang namanya COWOK di muka bumi ini? KENAPA HARUS ADA YANG NAMANYA CINTA?!

Udah deh, kalo udah urusan kayak gini, air mata pasti kering. Aku cuma bisa cengo di depan komputer dan yelling to myself. This is crazy. I can't stand it. How could you dating another girl when in Indonesia there's a girl wonderin' for you? a girl who just wanna see you once again, a girl that must pretend to be happy, ALWAYS. Nggak, saya nggak patah hati (lagian hati sebenernya nggak bisa patah, kan?) I'm just dissapointed. You know what? KECEWA. Lagian, kalo diliat liat, apa sih hak saya buat marah ato kecewa? Saya bukan siapa siapanya dia. Saya cuma seseorang yang secara kebetulan ditakdirkan oleh Allah untuk ketemu selama dua jam. Not more, not less. Just fated to be meet. Not fated to be a couple.

We all should remember a thing ; loving someone doesn't mean that the person will loves you back. Prepared for the worst. Never expect anything high at lovelife. Life's already complicated, so don't make it more "paciweuh" with falling in love. I think love just wasting our energy, sometimes.
paciweuh --> same meaning as complicated

Dan hati yang bisa dikuasai pemiliknya, adalah hati orang sukses. Sebodo lah BBM mau jadian sama siapa juga. EGP aja. Masih banyak cowok lain yang lebih cakep. Banyak banget malah. Banyak yang masih lebih baik daripada dia. He's just another jerk in my eyes because he left me with many thought of love, then he really made me fall in love, but he ended up with another girl. Ah, I should know from the start that he will never likes me. There's no way he will likes me. Well, there's a saying that "There's always a hope", but yea, maybe it can't be included in this case. Maybe Allah just about to testing me, just checking how strong I am now. Allah just wanna made me get stronger than before. Who knows? Wallahualam.

From now on, I promise, this will be the last posting for someone called BBM. Have I revealed his name? yea, his name is SUN. I don't care about my feelings to him anymore. He's already dating a girl and I don't like that. It may sounds strange, but I don't care. He's free now. I'm already quitting for being his official stalker on facebook. I'm just tired.

I promise, in school I will never talked about him again. I will never get shocked again when I heard words "matahari" or "west haven" or "connecticut" or whatever. I won't. I will getting ready to falling again for a boy. Even Mr Ordinary is better than BBM. But actually Mr Ordinary has got a crush. Whatever. I don't care. I don't care. I DON'T CARE ABOUT MY LOVELIFE ANYMORE!

I hate boys who already confessing to a girl (even not accepted) Maybe not hate, but just don't like. So, I'm no longer falling for him again, right? It's not me who will gain a loss, it's you, Mr Sunshine.

BBM posts on his tumblr --> FACT: The prettier the girl, the lower her self-esteem (semakin cantik seorang cewek, semakin rendah harga dirinya)
Bewizta posts on blogger --> FACT : The more handsome the boy, the bigger percent of jerk and arrogant person he will become. Semakin ganteng seorang cowok, semakin BELAGU DUNIA AKHERAT sikapnya!

P.S : nggak semua cowok kayak gitu. Good boys still exist on the earth. Hehehe peaaceee ;P


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