Monday, November 22, 2010

Pain Again

Today was a bizzare day -_- tadi pagi, pas mau berangkat, tiba tiba bahu kanan kepelitek (aku juga ga ngerti gimana kepeliteknya) terus langsung sakitnya luar biasa. I forcing to go to school because there is a math test today. Di angkot, saya masih kesakitan. Makanya mengkerut terus di angkot. My biggest fear today is... yup, polisi tidur (traffic bump) Setiap kali ada polisi tidur, saya langsung pasang ekspresi serem ga nahan, dan bahunya langsung sakit banget :(

Forget it. Begitu sampe kelas, the pain wasn't gone yet. Then I just sit quitely (well, not that QUITE) on my chair and eat up the pain. I can't even write. OMG. Then, how can I attend that Math Test?

I can't stand the pain anymore, then I went to the School Clinic with Brina (Ajeng and Irin go ahead after us) The Nurse said that I must do some Rontgen-Check Up, because my right-shoulder bone seems to be moved wrongly after that 'lesson'. So I just laid on the Clinic's bed, waiting until the pain gone. But It's not working. I can still feel the pain. So, I decided to went home, as the Nurse suggested. Then, I went up to my classroom to took my bag off, and everyone in the class just like, "What Happen?" I said that I got a shoulder-pain and can't write.

Well, since there weren't anyone who can picked me up, my homeroom teacher, Bu Trimurti, accompanied me to go home. I'm very pleasured to go with her, thank you very much, Bu Tri :) Also, Bu Tri brought my bag and refused to give it to me while I was trying to brought it by myself. Trust me, my homeroom teacher is the way too kind.

Arrived home, I used my left energy to changed my uniform, eat a bit, and went sleep. Then I wake up again, eat again, watched TV, and here now, I made a posting ;) by the way, since tomorrow I will have Math Test that supposed to be today, I studied a lot again. I want to get a great score. Wish me luck, guys!

found this at tumblr. HAHAHA eat that, boy!

Practicing on Computer (LOL I found the scanned version of the Math Exercise on facebook)

And, ASTAGFIRULLAH! Tomorrow, there'll be Biology and History Test too -___- That's why I don't attend BP today.

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