Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Role Models

As a blogger (masa?) I have some role model in blogger too. Actually, I'm a random person. I'd love to blogwalking, not in specific kind of blogs, I've read many types of blog. From fashion blog until physics blog.

Saya, ga bisa dibilang fashionable. I took photos just when I'd like to take that photos. Fashion is not my passion. I'd like to combine clothes, matching it, took photos, but I can't be focused on fashion. I love writing a lot much than fashion. Just like Raditya Dika said, "gue ga fashionable dan gue nista." ralat kata terakhir. saya insya allah ga nista, amiiin hahaha.

Back to the main topic. Kalo role model saya dalam blogging disebutin satu satu, waaah ga ada abisnya deh! So, I'll list the blogger who inspires me a lot

- Diana Rikasari
Of course, Kak Diana. Dia mulai dari titik yang paling bawah and now she becomes very famous. Siapa sih blogger Indonesia yang nggak kenal sama Kak Diana? Siapa fashionista Indonesia--bahkan sampai negara tetangga--yang ga tahu Kak Diana? And yesterday, unconciously I read her posting at 2007. Di Posting itu Kak Diana bilang, she bored with her life. She was jobless at that time, her life is soooo usual. But now everythings change. She's very busy and famous. Ya, good luck for you, Kak Diana :')
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- A Anas
Maybe he's not very famous, but many Smansa and Spensa students know him. He's an alumni of DKM Al Hadi, ex-leader of DKM Al Hadi and now he's the leader of DKM Ar Rahmah Smansa. what a great achievement. He's got a website named Catkus and some blogs. also, he made some e-books just like : Jalan Cinta Para Legenda, merubah peradaban dengan pendidikan islam, dll. cool huh? now, he also made some school e-books. but he got so many blogs, sampe sampe bewew pusing, yang mana yang mau dibaca -_-" he's a great motivator with big dreams. setahu saya dari postingannya, bahwa dia pengen jadi direktur apa gitu, pokoknya mimpinya tinggi and I'm sure that he can reach it. serius deh, saya aja yang ga begitu suka nonton golden ways bla bla bla begitu baca blog a anas kayak ada "magnet" yang bikin kita pengen baca terus. well done. good job, a! allahuakbar!

catkus.com (but I can't open it T_T)

- Sony (berbagi ilmu fisika)
his blog are useful, especially for students like me ;) udah gitu rajin update lagi. top markotop deh!
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- Veren Lee
She's got cool blog, yea that's A Little Princess. It's amazing to find out that she's one year younger than me, but she has blogging for a long time ago. From her, I started to know and realize that there are so many young bloggers from Indonesia that got cool blog, just like Evita Nuh. I like them all. But I heart Veren the most. she's chubby and so cute :D
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- Ollie
From her book, for the first time I know what is blog and how to make blog. thank you so much :) and she's got a cool blog too!
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- Bena
Such a funny blogger! I smiled everytime I read his postings, dan rambut kribonya itu loooh ga nahan wkwk. terus kemaren, Bena duet sama Jojo Shinta (aduuh bena hehe) and he also went to Singapore with Raditya Dika for free, because they're came as guest at Singapore Youth Game 2010. oiya dia baru baru ini bagi bagi nokia c3 juga loh! he's bestfriend of Diana Rikasari too.
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and many more :D

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