Monday, September 06, 2010

What Ifs

i'm a person, which is very often doing some "what ifs" sering banget ngebayangin, imagine, gimana kalo ini terjadi, itu terjadi. and the most weird things is, mostly of my what-ifs happened after i imagined it.

inget ga pas video luna ariel heboh diberitain? waktu itu saya nggak sengaja nonton insert yang presenternya Cut Tari, dan dia komentar tentang heboh video luna maya itu. Cut Tari bilang, "memprihatinkan," kira kira begitu. i was talking with myself, hey, gimana kalo misalnya Cut Tari ada di posisi si Luna? apa dia masih bisa bilang begitu? And see, a week after that news, Cut Tari involved to into this case. what a coincidence!

then, i was studying Pkn (civics) for exam. sebelumnya pas beli saya kira emang kunci jawabannya ga ada, but when i see it once more again, there's answer key behind the exercise. while doing the exercise, i imagined something, "what if the answer key gone? I would die." then, when i looked again into the answer key, it gone. actually it's not an answer key, it's a tab for answer. what the... (okay this time, it was my recklessness)

YESTERDAY, i was going to the cinema with Irin and Alya. but i asked Irin to accompany me to my school first, because i left my books there. After that, when Irin and I were about to crossing the road, there's also a bunch of high school boys from Smansa (i know some of them) were about to crossing to. We and they (apalaaah) also waiting for the angkot. I told Irin, "what if we met they again at botani?" then we just laughing and think it just a joke. we didn't see them at all. but oops, we may not saw them at botani, we saw them, LIVE AT THE CINEMA!! really, what a small world afterall. coincidence again huh?

sebenernya masih banyak, but i'll continue this next time, kapan kapan ahaha :D


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