Thursday, September 16, 2010

year book part 2

well, yesterday I was smiling all the time :D dari pagi hingga selarut ini. Why?

At morning-- Don't know why, I feel somethin' good about today :) I faced the morning with smiled, even I'm not in love yet. And yeah, I found something funny on facebook. ada yang balas dendam, saling ledek ledekan berpasangan di facebook (?) gitulah wkwk.

At Afternoon-- I was so happy! I saw a silly youtube videos made by Charlie McDonnell, it made my day. I did some Rolling On the Floor Laughing so hard :> beside that, I found Atas's little sister's facebook account! oh yeah, I add her! woo hooo! Sampe sampe saya teriak teriak sendiri di rumah *untung ga ada orang*

At Afternoon - Evening (4 pm-6 pm) I listened to Dave Koz music. They are all great! :] my favourite is You Make Me Happy. Lagu gramedia bangeet haha. and also, I listened to Backstreet Boys, Westlife, and The Corrs. Looove it :) getting happier on each song haha

At Evening (6 pm) My handphone is turned off because its low-batt from morning, so I charged my handphones at that time, while I was rushing to TBI too. And when it active again, I got a message from my senior. his text :

you're coming to tbi today, right? I will lend you my spensa year-book and also, kunci keropak.

DREAM COMES TRUE!!! *dancing*

remember yesterday? I was wondering if I could saw Spensa's year book. And now, someone'll lend me one! So happy till I can fly #abaikan. I want to see that year-book! I'd rather die than not to see that year-book. *lagi lagi lebay* I just wanna replied his text when I realized I got no balance (pulsa) sial, why it must happens at emergency situation like this? Someone, help me!

Cacaam when I arrived at TBI, I was late (iyalah, berangkatnya aja setengah tujuh -.-) and I've been told that my class is having computer session. Aaah don't need to study, thanks Allah ^^ and right, in computer rooms we just played game called I-SPY. in that game we should find things that be hidden to get the prize. It was exciting enough. And when the course ended, that Senior gives me his year-book.

"See your lovely Atas there." *datar cenderung jutek nadanya*
"Till when will I be able to borrow this year-book?"
"As long as you want, but give it back to me later."
"REALLY?? thankyouu."

omg, if he wasn't a boy, I'll kiss his cheek. He was so kind, TUMBEN BANGET. biasanya jarang kayak gini :D saya iseng ngomong,

"btw, Atas is only the person I secretly admired. Not less, not more. So, don't feel like you got a broken heart, okay?"
PS : he know who Atas is.

okay, just make this clear, I'm not flirting. I'm just wanna tease him, a biiit. kangen udah lama nggak godain :P

He's glared at me for about two seconds, then said, "There's no way I will getting a heart-pain because of you!"

I just laughed at that time. I've finally successed in teased him! Yeaaaay! But when he was about to go home..

"Thank you very much A'..."
"Don't forget to pay Rp 5000 each day you borrowed my year-book."
"Hey, but my friends also wanna see this year-book! It's unfair!"

But he just turned his back without saying a thing.

Hey, Aren't there better ways to say "You're Welcome" ?

However, he lent me that priceless book, that YEAR-BOOK! let's just forget his bad manners and saw cute pic of Atas! but wait... Atas looks .. umm how can I say it? he looks ridiculous. But he--the one who own this book-- looks very good in the book. His legs are so thin, makes me envy -___- gotchaaaaaaaaa! whatever. the real-version of Atas is way better than in photos.

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