Sunday, September 05, 2010


"ih aku pengen jadi mbak mbak kasir di mall deh," ujar saya
"jangan." kata yangti.
"jadilah orang yang punya mall. yangti doain. jadilah orang yang punya karyawan."

that's it. i remember my conversation with my yangti (grandma) when i was... umm maybe when i was in kindergarten. silly. but my brains snap my childhood memory better than maths :p hehehe.

Oya, have i told you? after idul fitri holiday, there will be a Try Out at BP. i'm dying now -_- and a week after that, i still have to do mid-semester-exams at my school. big HUH! I don't wanna study! I wanna read more novels. I don't wanna touch that weird subject books!

But, I got some inspirations from Negeri 5 Menara novel. The story begins when Alif Fikri, a smart boy who just graduated from Madrasah Tsanawiyah (islamic school, same as junior high school) want to continue his study at public school and wanna be like his role model, ex president Habibie. but the problem is, Alif's Mom still wanna make he continue his study at Islamic School, not public school. she want him to be a religious person, an ustadz, just like Buya Hamka, a religious figure that still have family relations with them.

Of course Alif feel dissapointed. He lose his spirit. but he decided to continue his study at boarding school (we called it pesantren) named "Pondok Madani" in East Java. actually he didn't sure about his decision at that time. but life goes on, time changed, he started to like his new school and new friends. But this boarding school, Pondok Madani, isn't just an ordinary school. this school is very discipline and got high quality teachers and students. even the students must speak english or arabic as their everydays language, and they only able to learn those language just at 3 months. wow. and if they speak indonesian, they'll get a punishment.

In this school, we need to study hard. But with his bestfriends, Raja from Medan, Said from Surabaya, Dulmajid from Sumenep, Atang from Bandung and Baso from Gowa, Alif faces studying with happiness. Alif didn't regret his decision to school in there. He got many "life lessons" that can't be bought with anything. And when he growing old, he can visited 5 building that means very much to him since a long time ago, that is : Menara Masjid at his village, Monas (national monument), Menara Pondok Madani, Menara Jam Gadang, Big Ben.

This is it! A padat-jelas novel that fun to read! I often found a novel that contain many values and lessons, but I got very bored when i read it. but this novel is just different ; make me wanna read it and read it again. I have got some good quote and lessons from this novel, such as :

Man Jadda Wajada; when there is a will, there is a way; siapa yang bersungguh sungguh akan berhasil, simple quote with magic power.

and many more (I'll tell you at next posting)

see ya ^^

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