Saturday, October 16, 2010

Indonesia Book Fair 2010

I went to IBF with Irin at October 3rd, and we're all by ourself! without parents, because my mom, who gave us a drive, had another plans (read : Halal Bihalal, AGAIN) what a party! *dancing* with budget around Rp. 300.000,00 I got a ton of books! I feel like I was in a heaven of book ~

~Jembatan layang~

Today's schedule.

Book Stand at The Corner. Also used as SHINee stages several days ago :)

By the way, at that day, there were "Lomba Menirukan Suara Upin-Ipin" So there were Badut version of Upin-Ipin hanging around the book fair. Actually, I wanna took photos with them too! but, I think that I already too mature to do that sort of thing :(

Badut Upin-Ipin

And also in that day, there were a talkshow about a book titled "Menggapai Matahari". That book is really pisses me off. LOOK AT THE TITLE! LOOK! I DON'T WANT TO CHASE HIM, EITHER! (Okay, once again, word "SUN" in that book title refers to real "SUN", not a person name -_-) But, did you know the guest speakers at that talkshow? it was Ahmad Fuadi, the author of "Negeri 5 Menara". And beside, that's the main reasons why I decided to attend that talkshow, yea, because I wanna see the "Real" version of Ahmad Fuadi ---> norak.

Ahmad Fuadi, the author of "Menggapai Matahari" and the moderator of that Talkshow, Gola Gong, which is also an author were taking photos together.

Just FYI, I bought 12 books and 4 magazines!!! And it all cost below Rp. 250.000. Asks me then, "Are you really excited about went to IBF?" then I'll definitely answer, "I REALLY AM!!"

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