Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just saw a photos of Toms at Tumblr this morning, and I fall in love with those shoes ;

Red Canvas Women's Classics ($44.00)

Ash Canvas Women's Classics ($44.00)

charity: water Earthwise Women's Classics ($58.00)

Tyler Ramsey Women's Hand Painted ($68.00)

Blue Harbour Women's Cordones ($69)
They haven't opened a store in Indonesia. Mungkin karena harga udah "lumayan", kalo ditambah bea cukai Indonesia plus biaya kirim yang tinggi, harganya bisa selangit. I know, the price of the shoes is a bit unaffordable, but people mostly said that this shoes quality is worth the price. This shoes is very comfortable yet stylish. I wanna steal them all!

Now, I know why people in US and UK mostly hate crocs. It because the price of crocs is absolutely not cheap, but it just made from croslite™ (they said so on their website) but for me, it just looks like usual rubber -_- The price just not worth the look!
Huaaaaa ~ I wanna buy one! But the nearest store is at Singapore -___-"
This is the 1st time I want a shoes so badly. I just could pray for that shoes. Moga moga ada sepatu Toms jatuh di genteng rumahku (?)

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