Friday, October 22, 2010

A World Without You

Have you ever felt the pain lefted by people you love the most? Elena did. Her five years crush, James, flew to Paris and she haven't told her feelings yet. Now, her life wouldn't be the same again. She's still thinking about James when suddenly a car hit her.

CIIT! (suddenly, all became dark)

She lost her memory because of that terrible accident. She can only remembered her name, said the Doctor. So, Elena asked her Mum about how can she got into this kind of accident. Her Mum just told her that she was unconscious in the hospital for three weeks.

5 years later, Elena brought back into her usual life. She got a lot of friends, but her one and only best friend is just Amber. Different from Elena, Amber hated popular kids because of some reasons.

One day, there's a transferred student from Paris that would be at Elena's class. But, the things that made Elena really confused is the fact that she used to knew him--Joanna said so--but she couldn't remember anything. Then, she saw the transferred student. She got flashbacks in her mind. Flashbacks of her crying, left the airport, then she got hit by the car. She felt like she remembered something.

That transferred student's name is James. Elena felt familiar with someone named "James"

"Who are you?" Elena asked directly to James.
He smiled, "Are you joking?"

But, the problem is, she wasn't JOKING!

--to be continued--

This summary was a task from Sue, my native english teacher at school. First, I need to read the story of "World Without You" part 1 then made a summary of it. Even me still haven't know the continuation of this story.

After finish the summary, next week, we have to made the script of it. Then, we have to present the "Drama" form of the story. HEEEEEEEY I WANNA BE JAMES! #crazy

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